Nibiru – A United States Marine Shares Secret Military Insights About Nibiru’s Arrival


Nibiru – A Retired Marine By The Name Of Vaughn Reveals Hidden Government Secrets On Planet Nibiru


What if there were someone credible who could speak about Nibiru ? Well that question is finally answered a You-tuber by the name of Vaughn a Marine and avid Nibiru researcher posted a video which not only goes into some details about Planet Nibiru but actually shows visual video evidence of its very existence. Most people dismiss those who speak about Planet X often because they feel they are not qualified or are lying to people for personal or financial gain. But the man who posted the video above feels he has a heart felt obligation to warn Mankind of the impending doom that would follow the arrival of Planet Nibiru. Vaughn refers to the arrival of Planet Nibiru as the arrival of the Red and Blue Planet. Him and many others claim that if you try you can see Planet Nibiru in the daytime sky.


Many skeptics may say that is rubbish. But in Vaughn’s video he shows you actually proof multiple videos and images of what appears to be a blue sphere in the day time sky. Another image shows another spherical object to the left of the sun. So one must ask are these actually images of Planet Nibiru ? Or are they lens flare and camera anomalies. But are these images linked to other events taking place around the world ? According to Vaughn there are a group of Psychics and Prophets who have predicted world events such as North Korea building its first nuclear weapon. They also claim that there is a series of events leading up to the arrival of Planet Nibiru. And that they are somehow all interconnected.


There is another theory presented by Vaughn and that is the connection between chem-trails and Planet Nibiru. Vaughn proposes that Nibiru may in fact be the reason for Governments around the world spraying these Chemical Trains in weird strange patterns. Is according to Vaughn that Planet Nibiru may in fact be increasing the temperature on Planet Earth as it approaches having some sort of strange reaction with the Sun and as it approaches it is only going to get worse. Vaughn also states that if the Military Industrial Complex wasn’t spraying our skies with these Chem-trails the earths temperature would be at least 20 degrees hotter then it is now. One must ask how is it humanity will survive such horrendous conditions on Planet Earth if these theories are true ?


One thing is certain something is going on. Planet earth is being abused by Governments around the world. And after they cause disaster after disaster. They attempt to blame it on Humanity. Professing all the worlds problems on people using to much gasoline or toilet paper when they go to the bathroom. This is absolute nonsense. Yet they fail to mention research programs such as H.A.R.P. Or the many space shuttle launches that have ripped apart our earths atmosphere. We as Humanity have a right to know if Planet Nibiru is arriving.


Like we have said in many post. Could these events just be coincidence ? Are these just the ramblings of people with to much time on their hands ? Or is there truth within their words ? You be the judge ! Share your comments below and tell us what you think.

Nibiru Chem Trails Nibiru   A United States Marine Shares Secret Military Insights About Nibirus Arrival

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  1. gepetto336 says:

    It is believed that there’s a lot of stupidity in the world. Nibiru may be real. But ….

    • Patrick Ostrom says:

      may be real, but…

      but what? I don’t know if stupidity would be the appropriate term for the occasion neither… perhaps ignorance is a better fit; one might also include that “to err is human”, and that “man was fashioned after the likeness of his father/maker”

  2. d5uncr says:

    Are you paid by some Nibiru Foundation or similar to say this?

    Care to link to something I’ve “runned (sic) away” from?

  3. ben1spain says:

    Try studying a real subject. I bet u get an F

  4. Just block the troll,d5uncr.. he and his troll friends….LOL

  5. @d5uncr go back in youre cave u troll,and stop trolling around on all nibiru related vids u can find on YT! u must get payed nuff to spend all the day on youre computer,trying to debunk EVERY nibiru vid u can find!u ask the same questions,and u know u have gottn proof from people who have knowlegde.dont try to sound so smart! some vids r not of nibiru/second sun,but u have been “debunked” and u have runned away many times by the answers and proof u have gotnt,but here u r again,same trolling!

  6. MCXCify says:

    marshal masters is a jew bitch, the same guys behind elenin hoax, jew agenda make people live in fear, elenin, lback holes, kachinas, nibirus all invention of terrorist JEWS

  7. d5uncr says:

    If Nibiru was real why doesn’t *all* images have two objects in view?
    Why don’t we see it when we hold up a welding glass in front of our eyes and look at the sun?
    Why can the second object be seen through walls (/watch?v=PsTuQteLHAA)?
    Why does it move when we move the camera filter (/watch?v=C7OhYNiqQtA#t=0m57s)?

    Why aren’t we seeing any gravitational effect of this supposed object?

    Why are people showing photos (05:21) of sunset contrails (/watch?v=kXduf8xZeYU) and claim it’s “Nibiru”?

  8. sorry but I had to add one more thing in, Project Blue Beam is in high alert and also Harrp which can alter our brain to manipulate our thoughts, just like it manipulates the weather and causes earth quakes, and its one reason why were getting many of them , by harrp and by Nibiru cause its magnetic pull, but our mother earths magnetic field is actually weakening

  9. I also want to add in also why 2012 links to 2013.. 20+12= 32 turn the number around it’s 23. a movie called 23 explains it. and the year 2013 20+13= 33 .. this is the 33 degree freemason , illuminati year to start the new world order. take 33+23= 56 than take 5+6=11 the actual Code .. 11 which is very simple to know 11 is a ritual year and a warning.

  10. There should be two actually, the Blue Kachina and the Red Kachina, and as for my username, you can see I am fully aware and have studied Nibiru ,Planet X , it’s true name is Herculabus, studying this for 7 yrs now., I am not sure why people have not looked into this but in Vatican and in NYC there are two Golden statues with two round spheres crashing into eachother and its a simble of Nibiru and the return of the Annunaki. which is the first contact very soon.

  11. Patrick Ostrom says:

    Good job, buddy….. the pic with the pilots holding photos of chemtrails is simply golden material, man…..

    speaking of which…. “golden” is one of the things King Anu swings by here for…… or for his routine pick-up of any and all gold collected by his servants here since Nibiru’s last passing…. this is why gold doth have a value in the first place… and why it has always been desirable… he that hath the best pile ready for pick up earns a little recognition from the “H L I C”… or the “head lizard in charge” (i.e. King Anu}

    Why does Nibiru need the gold? Filtration of Poisons from environment surrounding planet due to NUCLEAR RADIATION….

    Where do you think the idea of nuclear bullshit comes from in the first place? yeppers…. and as important as the gold, is the caches of plutonium, uranium, etc….. that King Anu picks up as well…. and he douches the planet on his way out forcing mankind back to the stone age where it all starts over

  12. AhhWhat says:

    Any footage of Jewpacapabra by any chance?
    There are so many idiots in the world, scary.

  13. Rhonda S says:

    I believed this so I used my camera phone to look to see Nibiru! There it was in the clear day lit sky. But, guess what…Turn your camera sharp left them right and the Sun stays stable but the planet moves with the camera when the camera moves…all the while the sun is still. Also stand behind a post or wall and look again…the planet moves into view in front. That is not Nibiru! It’s camera feed back! Not saying Nibiru isn’t real but this sure isn’t how to see or find it! Good Grief!!!

  14. Blue says:

    First of all, Yes Nibiru is real!!

    but on the picture that’s on this page the white circle is ACTUALLY the reflection of the camera and it has nothing to do with Nibiru!!
    If you want try to take a pictures of the sun with your phone from different directions and you’ll logically realize that the dot is just a reflection of the phone camera…

    • koawolf says:

      There is no scientific evidence that confirms that this is real. We have the technology to find out everything about a star on the other side of our galaxy, yet the most we know about this planet/solar system/brown dwarf, is that it is in our solar system. Seems a little sketchy to me. It seems that people like to reach for straws and wish for the apocalypse for some reason. Just take a look at all the talk of 2012 that went around. They even made a movie for our amusement, a movie about billions of people dying and the miraculous survival of a rambunctious few. Yaaaaay. So, let me ask you to please, pretty please read a book every once in a while, your brain will die if you don’t use it.

  15. Flin Flow says:

    Good work my friend.

    I have one that you may try to debunk, or use as proof beyond all other proof.

    google the reflection of nibiru. top results by flin flow.

    it is what it is. I captured it, and verified it with a telescope before I captured it on web cam. impossible you say?

    tell it to the camera. cheers.

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