Nibiru And The Illuminati’s Secret Agenda


The elite have been hiding the secrets of planet Nibiru for years but why ? In this video you will learn some of the reasons behind the powers that be and their cover up of the arrival of Nibiru.


Nibiru The Illuminati Conspiracy


The Illuminati have been covering up the truth about the existence of Planet Nibiru. But why ? Well to answer that question we must first find out the reasons why the powers that be would even want to do this.The legend of Planet Nibiru goes far back into humanities history thousands of years. Many cultures have spoke about Planet X in their writings including the : Sumerians, Mayans, Aztecs and many Native American Tribes as well. The truth is they all point to the fact of a near total annihilation of planet earth and most life inhabiting it at the time of Nibiru’s arrival. Could this be the reason why governments around the world are working fervently to promote climate change ? Could these increases in natural disasters be the direct result of Planet Nibiru ?


We have all noticed on the news as of late of the massive increase in natural disasters including: Volcano eruptions, Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunamis, Solar Flares, The Earths Wobble, Sink Holes, Solar Flares, Odd orbits of both the Sun and the Moon. Could these in fact be directly attributed to Planet Nibiru ? But with a public that includes people who actually thought that the Titanic Disaster was just fiction in a movie by James Cameron and care more about the live result show of American Idol is there much hope for such a clueless Society ?


Why has the Media been so ardent on convincing and brain washing most of Society that all these natural disasters increasing is nothing more than Global Warming which in turn causes Climate Change because us Humans are Farting and Eating to much producing c02 omissions. Could this in fact be a clever cover up on whats really causing all of these disasters ? Which in fact is the arrival of Planet Nibiru ! In in 2003 a law was passed that gave the Media in the United States a free pass to alter the truth and report falsely according to this video above. If that is the case then who can we Humans trust ? If the Media in our country has the legal ability to make up the news then how can we rely on the said Media to give us the facts ? We cannot !


So now as we find out more and realize more we begin to see the bigger picture. But the Government and the Media haven’t only reported falsely. They have neglected to report some important events altogether. A recent and most known case is that of the arrival of Comet E.L.E.N.I.N. Which by some conspiracy theorist is an acronym to mean “ Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near “ if this is the case could it be that NASA and Governments around the World were joined In a giant cover up ? Could it be that for a moment the Worlds Governments were uncertain of what Comet Elenin was and feared that it could possibly be Planet Nibiru ?


The massive level of changes that would occur if in fact Planet Nibiru exist and is on its way to our Solar System are tremendous. Could these be the reasons why Government is working so hard to keep the truth about Nibiru from us ? Or is there a darker secret could the Illuminati actually exist ? And if so could they be hiding some far more powerful then mere physical earth changes ? Some have speculated that Nibiru not only contains answers to Humanities past but it in fact is the signal of the arrival of a new age of enlightenment and the powers that be along with a dark sinister alien force known as the reptilians are doing everything they can to stop this evolution of life on earth as we know it.


Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. But is this the case with Planet Nibiru ? Only time will tell could this be nothing more then the figments of peoples imaginations misinterpretations of ancient text and their true meaning lost long ago ? Or could there in fact be a massive intergalactic conspiracy to keep humanity from known the true nature of Nibiru ? Tell us what you think below share your knowledge and insights with us.

Nibiru Illuminati Nibiru And The Illuminatis Secret Agenda

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  1. JasonRodzArt says:

    honestly, the mayans were crazy ass mother fuckers, they had wayyyy too much peyote and mushrooms. They’d rip out the hearts of people and chop of their heads for sacrifice. They were crazy, there is no way these psychos possessed some form of higher knowledge. Nice video though.

    • Daniel says:

      I agree, the Mayans even ate the human flesh off the “sacrificed”..The bible is the only true source of Truth!

  2. Ben Barnes says:

    You retards will believe anything. 

  3. AtlBudtime says:

    your mom mr maccaroni

  4. Bubba Kush says:

    that stupid fucking light in the middle of the screen was very distracting

  5. Very good and informative however, you gave and or showed no evidence of your claims and or the source of information etc… Now as for myself, I am so far down the rabbit hole and understand you because I study like you but if you want the skeptics, you gotta have your info accompanied by the source because that is what gives your claim any value. Keep up the good work though and I am thankful that there are many folks waking up to betrayl of this country’s imposter leaders.

  6. yes ive witnessed the moon jumping phases. weird isnt it. peace man. gd luck for the future.

  7. nc romani says:

    exploded tons of ash and rock… how about ejected or even sent, but not exploded. Bombs explode, shrapnel or flack is scattered, ejected, etc. Communication skills work for the presenter and the lack thereof works against him/her.

  8. nc romani says:

    By the way, uploader, the contraction ‘it’s’ is used for it is, not belonging to it. no apostrophe for possession of it, just its. Editing, the effective de-stupidifier.

  9. nc romani says:

    and A idiot.

  10. nc romani says:

    why are you here?

  11. nc romani says:

    Just go back to your video games and stay off your mamma’s computer, silly boy.

  12. jamsnation says:

    To bad there was no evidence at all in this video

  13. Full of ahit indeed.

  14. Thanks for the Info. With everything that is happening I consider this a High Probablity.

  15. U are full of ahit!

  16. yeah i have just had some wierd vibe that some shit was changing. i started always looking at the night sky when such vibes would arise. and i havent talked about it but i saw the fucking moon go from one fase one night and on the next night it was in a fase that dont fit the moons cycles as we know them it spooked me out so bad i thought maybe i got amniesa or lost my mind

  17. Wow, fucking illuminati. I’m scared mommy help me

  18. John jon says:

    Same old, old garbage being tossed around but now they word it “elite” which means educated.

  19. naders71 says:

    That simple, why don’t people get it!!

  20. moonraven66 says:

    Was waiting to hear something new. Same old stuff being pushed around. No news here.

  21. frigging awesome

  22. C Mckay says:

    from watching another vid,i realized what the nibiru and plantet X crap is

  23. slfer1 says:

    If u havent already, Just check out ‘Earths Forbidden Secrets’-by Maxwell Igan and make ur own mind up. Is a very good read wiv a lot of evidence/ideas of wat is actually goin on

  24. 780discover says:

    I really like the music. The story was great. As a matter of fact I see many changes happening. I travel a great deal so I am looking and I see change.

  25. Look for Linol Anderson/Alien Contactee — he will show us the way.
    The day of reckoning has been foretold by the mighty Linol Anderson (The only true Alien Contactee) ******June 13th 2013******
    I am THE hardmotherfudger and I will be fudging up all yo mothers.
    Lift the veil. Set diarrhoea weapons to spray level 23…..

  26. see2suns says:

    Not a single shred of evidence here at all,like usual. “YAWN”

  27. john wright says:

    Hi again, what I’m asking is The Nebra Sky disk is to with stars and planets and is very old…! If the illuminati’s think it is so important that they put , the exact same symbol on the clock..?…!….Being I’m from Canada I can only read what the U.S.A. Gives me. Are the illuminati ( and I don’t know much about them). Trying to tell us something is lining up in the sky and it has happened before.?….!….? Just would like to know who made the Clock is it for Real .?….!……?….

  28. john wright says:

    Hi amd03288 thank you for the info.Could you please watch a couple of videos . Strange illuminati Clock counting Down to Sep,9 2012. By spellbinder00 it has a revolving earth and when it turns , The Nebra Sky Disk is on the other side.! Then watch a video by planet7x , his name is Gill P. Broussard. He talks about the Sky Disk.!

  29. Michael Wade says:

    Guess I will just have to stick my head between my legs and kiss my ass goodbye that is if all the chicken littles are correct nah maybe next year

  30. -i don`t believe Comet ISON was discovered on September 21st 2012 by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, two Russian Astronomers of the ‘International Scientific Optical Network’. I BELIEVE COMET ISON WAS DISCOVERED BY NASA MORE THAN 30 YEARS AGO THEY JUST KEPT IT A SECRET.

  31. lMarxthoN says:

    NASA never announced it. Show me a link providing proof or you’re lying.

  32. That’s all you did was read some slides to me. Good proof.

  33. Dying is a day worth living for :o)

  34. Rusty says:

    John Moore a ex-green beret, and private investigator who is now in the preparedness business has a lot to say on this subject check him out on youtube. Texe Marrs also has a video called the red planet which speaks about Niburu. I believe that wormwood a star mentioned in the book of Revelation ch8:11 “And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter” is a satellite of Niburu.
    Check out John Moore’s videos. Why stick your neck out if it is not true?

  35. Rumplestilskin says:

    Maybe? Could happen? Appears to be? This is all just conjecture !

    When you boys have some facts, then give us the stuff, but until then, do some real research. Anyone can belch that crap making it look like you are in the know. You’re no more in the know than anyone else who has done just a little bit of reading.

  36. ZZ says:

    How about some real hard evidence and not conjecture.

  37. Jon says:

    Where are the real pictures of Planet X/Nibiru? All they show are depictions of what they think it looks like.

  38. Miss Piggy says:

    Placing strips of raw bacon on your chest and singing about the “gingerbread man” is not a crime! I will not stand by while the urination of justice befouls my salami sandwich! A man has a God given right to bear his children inside of his belly!

  39. Goten says:

    For years I have been hearing rumors about some brown dwarf or neutron star heading for the earth and so far I see no evidence that this is true. I know the earth is cracking and sinkholes are opening at an alarming rate but so far I haven’t seen any new stars in the sky unless Nibiru is a black hole that cannot be seen with the naked eye or perhaps its still out there beyond Pluto? If this is true it would be more than an extinction level event according to the evacuate earth documentary put forth by National Geographic it would most certainly destroy the planet altogether so hiding in an underground bunker would offer no protection whatsoever. The only way they could survive would be in a spaceship heading to another star system and even then they probably wouldn’t find another planet like ours. Most of our solar system would be in peril if a neutron star were to pass through here and even the Sun itself would be at risk of total annihilation. The worst case scenario would be if our Sun is in fact caught in the gravitational field of the black hole-neutron star, the only evidence for this would be evidence that the planetary orbits are being disturbed and worst case scenario the Sun itself. Any object massive enough to interfere with the orbit of the Sun would indicate it has more mass than our Sun and is most likely a neutron star or worse yet black hole. Some ancient records seem to mention something about a close call with a horned sun like object before and science seems to indicate that neutron stars have two horns that stick out the poles. If this is in fact true it would be very bad news for us as the next encounter would put us even closer to the massive object. In fact the gravity tug would be so strong that ocean tides would reach thousands of feet and eventually the gravity binding of the earth itself would be overcome by the intense gravity field which would tear the earth itself apart. Then the pieces would be pulled into the neutron star itself and thus earth would cease to exist. According to the alleged trajectory in these Nibiru conspiracy videos the horned star is heading straight for us and if this is true I would rather not know about it because we would all die anyways. Besides I would know about it months before hand as the tides get high enough to swamp the coastal cities and earthquakes begin to constantly rock the planet. Even if the earth is lucky enough to be far enough away to prevent total destruction the planet itself would sustain enough damage that most species would face extinction and baring a miracle humanity would be doomed to the same fate. The only one who could stop something like this is Goku aka Jesus in disguise.

  40. Lou says:

    I sometimes wonder about articles such as this on line. Little details on the sources of this info or knowledge.

    Several years ago while doing some research on line, I came across Fintan Dunne’s web site called
    He had one article posted which was about all those fake Internet websites run by the CIA.
    They are more about spreading lies, misinfo, disinfo, distortions, deceptions and distractions.
    So I take these articles with a grain or two of sea salt.
    Refined salt is actually toxic to the body.

  41. wendy says:

    I have been and my friends have been following ALLthat has been takeing place over the last 30 years or more and every day it is astounding to see all the things just reveling it self in front of your eyes, even people are so unaware of any thing head in the sand well david icke is spot on with all he says just look on his web site its just scary we are at the mercey of the insane leaders of the world.!!!

    • Katta says:


  42. ken says:

    if you take a floppy disc apart there is a red disc inside..hold it up to the sun and have a look for is south of the ecliptic right now but will soon be visible to the northern viewers..i have seen it 4 times around christmas and early january..not hard to who dont do anything to prepare will be a burden on the rest of us who did something…good luck

  43. Peter Handl says:

    To whom it concerns.

    Well, why don’t you research (google) the “Sumerian Tablets”. They have information from as far back as the creation of the Earth including the creation of mankind, as it is the origin of the Old Testament. (In my opinion anyway).
    The Sumerian tablets were created between 7000 to 5000 years ago. They describing things that we couldn’t verify until after 18th, 19th and the 20th century. The first tablets were found during 1800s and the latest ones during the Iraq war in Iraq.
    After, over 200 years of work of many different Language Scientists more or less agreed on the most accurate translation of the tablets.
    Once you read some of the translations and read some more translations after then you will sit back close your eyes and realize how stupid and insignificant you are. (oops, I meant we are). I almost forgot, you will also find out some details about Niburu.

    • Jofan says:

      I’m sorry but that’s complete bs. The only person who “translated” the Sumerian tablets to mean that they had hidden knowledge, or that the Annunaki were aliens or any more of this rubbish was Zechariah Sitchen, who was a fraud who could not actually read Sumerian. You need to do some real research. This whole website is stuffed full of nonsense based on Sitchens lies.

  44. Ima nightwalker says:

    keep watching your nightly news you will learn zip. Each to your own but you better wake up time is ah wasting. nighty night.

  45. Luke says:

    i definately believe sometings going on and their hiding the truth. theres a really insightful video on youtube called ‘Ancient technology’ that explains a lot about nibaru. well worth watching.

  46. SM says:

    I’m very interested in this topic, but I can’t trust a video that is created by people who have no grammatical understanding of the English language. I’m supposed to believe that you have intelligence concerning Nibiru when you don’t understand what a comma splice is? I’m sorry. NO.

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