Nibiru: Is Nibiru Causing Devastatingly Horrific Weather ?


Nibiru may be causing one of the worst Tornado seasons in US History. Could it be possible that Nibiru is responsible for the increase of horrific weather ?

Nibiru has been said to be the harbinger of devastating events. But could Planet X Nibiru be responsible for the rash of extreme weather conditions the earth has been having as of late ? You don’t have to do anything more then to turn on your Television. What you will see is news story after news story of horrific weather. Not to mention the massive amounts of life lost from these extreme weather related events. Huge brush fires in Australia. Flames so massive that they can easily be seen from Space. Is Nibiru to blame in all of this ? Could Planet X Nibiru be responsible for these life altering events ?

Antarctica is known for its icy snow and cold but recently. Anartica has been having massive rain storms not seen on record before. Could Nibiru as it enters our Solar System be causing this ? Siberia is known for it’s extreme cold temperatures. But as of late Siberia has gone through it’s coldest winter in over 100 years scientist are baffled at this. Because on the other side of the world in Australia temperatures are on the extreme opposite causing horrific fire storms. Global warming is immediately put to blame by mainstream media. But what if the culprit to these events is none other then PlanetX Nibiru?

Could PlanetX Nibiru as it enters our very own Solar System. Be causing our very own Planet Earth to wobble ? Some Nibiru enthusiast are speculating that as Nibiru enters our Solar System. Planet Earth will begin to wobble. Which may also cause a pole shift. These two massive events would absolutely explain a lot of the extreme weather phenomenon taking place on our planet. At this very moment. Another event that would point to Nibiru’s arrival. Is the massive amount of MSM’s AKA extreme tidal surges. Taking place on coastal lines the world over.

Nibiru Extreme Weather 2 Nibiru: Is Nibiru Causing Devastatingly Horrific Weather ?

We have seen it in the news. The number of shipping accidents has surged tremendously. Human error is usually sited immediately as the cause and blame by main stream media. But what if there was an even bigger cause to these events. Could the tidal surges be caused as Nibiru arrives play a role in these horrific accidents ? But shipping accidents are not the only occurrences that can be sighted as proof of the effects of PlanetX Nibiru. 75% or 33 of the worlds major River Deltas are experiencing flooding on a level never before seen. According to Nibiru researches this will only continue to get worse asPlanetX Nibiru continues to cause a full Earth Pole Shift.

Bizzare weather patterns are a good signal that Nibiru could be arriving. Extreme cold in Russia and Extreme heat in North America. Would definitely point to a massive earth wobble. In some cases this extreme weather pattern of extreme heat in one location and extreme cold in another. Has taken place with these two location not being more than a 1000 miles apart.

Tens of thousands have lost their lives to these extreme natural weather disasters. Could these deaths have been prevented ? The evidence is stacking up. Whether you look at the Samoa tidal surges some of which are the highest in recorded history. Or the massive tidal surges on the coast of Scotland which eye witnesses say were “ Beyond understanding “ especially since there was no wind to accompany these latest massive tidal surges off the coast of Scotland. Or the massive heatwaves shutting down Airports in Rio De Janiro. Causing massive black outs which in turn cost even more human lives due to the lack of air conditioning caused by the black outs.

But if that isn’t odd enough. Massive snow storms have been occurring all throughout the middle east in countries such as Jordan Lebanon Turkey and even Israel . This weather is not normal ! And extreme weather is the exact evidence that wold point to the earth having a new wobble. A wobble caused by PlanetX Nibiru . But weather isn’t the only odd occurrence that points to the arrival of Nibiru.

A bizarre phenomenon being noticed by millions world wide. Is that of the odd orbits of both the Sun and the Moon. Those who watch the sky. Are reporting in droves. What appears to be the day to day change in the setting Sun and rising Moon. They proclaim that its as if the Moon and Sun change orbits on a monthly if not weekly basis. Those who proclaim something is wrong with the orbits of the Moon and the Sun. Say that they see the Sun set in a different area of the Horizon. Also the same with the Moon when it is visible at night. Although scientist the world over or anyone with a telescope. Would notice such an event immediately if the Sun and Moon were actually out of orbit. But there is another explanation. PlanetX Nibiru is causing an Earth Wobble which gives the illusion of the Sun and Moon having altered bizarre orbits.

One thing is certain something strange is happening. In our weather on our planet and in our Solar System. The Illuminati, The Elite, Governments the world over are proclaiming that it is “ Climate Change “ or “ Global Warming “ causing these events. But we who have studied Nibiru know there is a chance although it may be small. Nibiru is arriving and these are just the beginnings of things to come ! Share your thoughts and comments below and tell us what you think.

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  1. Stop scaring the general public. Talk to a scientist, not an end of the world god believer/conspiracy theorist.

  2. Thank you for informing us about this strange planet!! Only God can help us now!! A time to watch and a time to pray!!!

    • si says:

      its not a planet ..when the sun was forming from a liquid to solid mass form a peice came off it ,,thats how it came about ..same as the moon spinning liquid begins to form a ball and a peice comes off ..every solar system weve seen has a dwarf star in it !!!

  3. I was told when looking into nibriu that the Sumerian tablets talked about
    nibriu then I found out that nibriu in the Sumerian dictionary meant Jupiter
    they didn’t mean a 10th planet

  4. Supposedly you need infrared to see it !

    • si says:

      thats correct info ..its a peice off our sun as it formed .so its hot like the sun but no light ..youd need infra red to see it

      • si says:

        in 1982 nasa reported seeing it .24hrs later they said its a commet,so they lied .then put an infra red shack at the south pole since then theve watched it comming ..go to google earth look at the sky where orins belt is ,its blocked out because thats where its comming from they even scrubbed out the red oxide you could see yr or so ago ..its travelling at high rate of speed ..and theres gonna be serious problembs ..its a freakin scarry ass thing ..plato witnessed a pole shift ..seeing the sun rise in oppisite places ..thats 3557yrs ago .we were on the other side of the sun ..this time were not were gonna get blasted with debris ..and probably a pole shift ..get ready youve been warned ..find a cave thats deep close it off and hope like hell you survive ..believe the sumerians there texts are real !!!

  5. MrBluezippy says:

    Excellent video.

  6. Where have you seen that Nibiru means Jupiter? Cause it’s a whole different planet.

    • si says:

      stupid talk ..just ignor it ..its called NIBIRU in the sumerain texts ..the blue katchina to the hoby indains, wormwood in the bible ..theres mames for it…. the destroyer and so on ..just study the sumerians texts youll get the truth ..get ready !!!

  7. how can Jupiter cause all this?
    ye do know nibiru means Jupiter ya?

  8. isto8 says:

    Thank you for creating this video! search poleshift.ning and you will see this video speaks the truth… 

  9. d5uncr says:

    Do take a trip out in space, get outside of the space craft, take off your helmet and clap your hands.
    What are you going to hear? Nothing!
    Why? Because there’s no atmosphere to propagate the sound waves in outer space.
    I though even New Age people knew this…

    As for “planet Nibiru”, you do know that even amateur astronomers can see objects smaller that Pluto twice as far away as Neptune, right?
    So how could “Nibiru” affect the earth without anybody seeing it?

  10. seapeddler says:

    Another interesting book to read is Dr. Emotos’ : “Living Water”. When water crystals are exposed to harsh noises, or anger, the crystals deviate from the normal hexagonal shape. Obviously one needs high magnification to see this. This is why rock music is promoted, as the harsh sounds scramble and disturb the crystals within the cells.. Bach is the opposite experience. Of course, anything said to you is ‘nonsense’, I feel. Have a good day.

  11. seapeddler says:

    Applying Bodes’ Law to the asteroid belt… There used to be a large planet called Tiamat (asteroid belt is its’ remains) that exploded when a roque planet 90 X earths’ mass entered the solar system. The electromagnetic, gravitic, tidal, etc. energies of this alien world induced acoustical cavitation, so to speak. Sound creates, and sound destroys. All molecules vibrate with sound energy. Those monster crystals inside earth allow sound of a certain frequency. Above that, weird things happen.

  12. seapeddler says:

    Like Halley, Hale-Bopp, Hyukatake, Lovejoy, McNaught, etc. You can only see them when they are in position to be seen. (ISON supposedly in Mars/Jupiter region). Comet Linear was visible in a 6 in. telescope, but I never saw it naked eye. Electromagnetic, sound wave resonance is not nonsense. Bodes’ Law is the @ law of planetary orbits. The Sun radiates sound waves, and planets form, or are trapped where crests and troughs intersect. This is common knowledge.

  13. d5uncr says:

    So if this “Nibiru” is in close proximity to earth why can’t we see it (and I’m ignoring the electromagnetic and “sound wave” nonsense here) ?

  14. seapeddler says:

    “Cataclysm: Compelling evidence of a Comsic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.”
    D.S. Allen, J.B. DeLair. This book hints on what happened to the solar system, and why the planets look the way they do today.

  15. seapeddler says:

    If Nibiru is a planet, (and some evidence seems convincing), it can effect the weather by inducing an excess of electromagnetism. When planets come into close proximity to one another, there is an intense electrical discharge between them. This can cause rilles, or canyon formation, or planet explosion. The sound waves from the Sun are what gives the planets their orbits. Interfering with the resonance pattern changes properties of earths’ crystals. They resonate more and can detonate.

  16. Could it be ? NIBIRUUUUUUUUUUU

  17. I’m an early bird , the moon goes east to west then at 4 to 5 am goes straight north from west , the sun comes up and is 10 deg north ,and 7-9 am goes back to straight up equatorial view ,this is viewed from Toronto Canada . So what is causing the moon to go north , one would question a gravity tug , but the sun moves to , meaning we are moving not the sun .I was thinking a tug from 15 deg above and west of sun for moon anomaly , but we are tugged south , so 2 tugs?
    Just speculation .

  18. d5uncr says:

    Could you explain in a rational way how a “Nibiru” object could influence our weather?

    Of course if it was an ignited star, like our sun, it could heat up the planet and change the weather pattern but I think we’d notice if there was a second sun in the sky, don’t you?

    And if it was a star we’d see its gravity affecting the planets in the solar system, something we aren’t doing either.

  19. ngnikko says:

    World governments are spinning the truth so we stay put, paying tribute and then die off in the face of disasters. They take our money and prepare. Propaganda folks, it keeps us in our place.

    • si says:

      ur speaking the truth ,our family has prepsred for nibiru,wormwood,planet x blue katchina .and many more names its called backing into a mountain is our plan ..when the sumerains told us of the cataclysmic effects of the brown dwarf nibiru ..i took it seriously get ready or get dead !!!!

  20. HIKIXS1 says:

    why be affraid of something you cant see? like “the spirits”.. Whatever will happen, will happen. And if this is a real event ,and it has happened before. AND SOMEONE WILL LIVE… So tell me, why cant I see this? Why dosent any credible source see this huge object?

    • si says:

      whos affraid ,get prepared ..or your lineage will be done ..its like they say cant fix stupid !! do the research ..pole shift is real so are the sumerains ..and the annunaki! do you think the were the only living beings in the solar system ?? we deserve whats commin ready are you ?? my strain will continue but most wont ..think its about due dumb religous peeps waitin for a saviour i feal sorry for you !!!

    • si says:

      it would take infra red to see ..

  21. When will planet x be visible in the western hemisphere sky , any1 know ?

    • si says:

      if you can see it and dont have a lead helmet on your just gonna be a vegatable ..better research see what happends every 3600 yrs depending which side of the sun were on ,this time were on the bad side,its got 10 million miles of trash its draggin behind it ..the planet needs to be cleansed anyways ..dumb people dont believe in the annunaki ,our creators .and the effects of nibiru when it comes with its moons and its trash that pounds the earth ..get ready find a cave and food n water maybe youll survive !!

  22. marek546 says:

    Thanks for your videos. Please keep us inform about nibiru and pole shift! Regards from Czech republic.

  23. If PX does not exist, pls explain to me the change in the pole shift. Look at your compass.

  24. afvpegknight says:

    Hey do us all a favor and stop spreading your drug use induced delusions on the internet.Oh also please go to the nearest hospital and ask to recieve a full mental health check. I think you have a serious mental disorder

  25. Underground cities are bullshit then? Not! Why are they there? For fun? Why has China built cities in high altitudes with no one in them? What, you people think global warming or is it climate change is man made??? I’d say wake up but its too late for that.

  26. si says:

    the us gov ,german ,india .pakistan .and so on have diverted billions of dollars building underground bunkers ,thats where the money has been going the illimunati have had control since egypt was formed ..then they started europe they run the states ,wake up world or get pumbled !!!

  27. si says:


  28. Kieron says:

    After reading about the Sumerians, I then typed in Gods, Aliens and human experiments. I’m not a ‘buff’ of sorts but had just watched a movie called ‘The Fourth Kind’ and wanted to know more.
    I then came across Nibiru and the ancient gods of earth and it creation of mankind. Here is the part that interested me-

    In Sumerian Mythology the Anunnaki were a pantheon of good and evil gods and goddesses (duality) who came to Earth to create the human race. According to the some resources, these gods came from Nibiru – ‘Planet of the Crossing.’ The Assyrians and Babylonians called it ‘Marduk’, after their chief god. Sumerians said one year on planet Nibiru, a sar, was equivalent in time to 3,600 Earth years. Anunnaki lifespans were 120 sars which is 120 x 3,600 or 432,000 years. According to the King List – 120 sars had passed from the time the Anunnaki arrived on Earth to the time of the Great Flood.
    I then typed in ‘what happened 3600 years ago from 2013′ apparently according to geologists the earth has been going through ‘Great geological stress’ every 3600 years. Results taken from ice core samples and tree rings.
    Now I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but after reading all kind of information and cross references my conclusion (theory)or question is……..
    Are we intentionally polluting the planet to warm the atmosphere to prepare for the arrival of another terrestrial body into our general orbit. Because it would seem that maybe we will be experiencing another ice age and violent weather systems like in the movies ‘When worlds collide’ and ‘Melancholia’.
    I’m no scientist but do look for connectivity in information from history and human related beliefs.
    Totally fascinating.

    • Kieron says:

      Also i have just remembered years ago when i was attending college a friend and i were talking life, the universe and everything over a few beers and he told me about a story he had read in a ufo related magazine. According to conspiracy theorists in this field of research a black marble like planet orbits Jupiter which is hard to see unless your looking for it.
      Just to add look up Huge Sphere in Sun’s Corona! on youtube. One person mentions Nibiru haha!

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