Nibiru Mothership – Is A Large Ufo Fleet Gathering Near Sun ???


Nibiru : Massive ufo activity around the sun, Large ufo fleet moving to the inner solar system, Solar system motion explained showing you the secret mainstream doesn’…

Could it be that all you were taught as a child was a lie ? That the true nature of our universe our solar system is not at all what it seems ? Is Nibiru real ? In this video the truth about how our sun and solar system move across the universe are revealed and its nothing like you have ever seen before. Also in this footage are strange sun anomalies that cannot be explained from massive giant UFO’s to multiple objects some causing very severe and adverse reactions to the function of the sun causing massive solar flares. We invite you to watch and learn and see things that you may find disturbing but all in all are the truth. please share your opinion of the video below and tell us what you think


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  1. Skypilot1964 says:

    We have more evidence of the devils plans. This one STILL in line with daniels 70 weeks of 3/22. On google logo today shows everyone what we have been saying including that it’s under our nose!. Click and watch all the vids on pad. It tells the whole story.It gives us 10 suns and 10 moons. (10full days left)The next day will be the 22nd! The number 42 which is the number in rev that satan will rule the earth til Jesus puts foot on the mount of olives. Look up!! Jesus Saves 4/21 hoover dam blows!

  2. Ben jammin says:

    5:40… Dont you mean Asteroid?? Meteors are in our atmosphere.

  3. TriniFSX says:

    Those bright objects, like the ‘sword’ you saw are planets, more specifically either mercury or Venus

  4. chocsoap says:

    I published a while ago that I believed the entire universe could be moving in a spiral motion and not just our solar system. And that the whole cosmos was being dragged and pulled around just as the waves drag the stones upon the shore, but the universe never stops moving. Just a theory, whatever is going on, I do know that almighty God is the creator of all things with his son Jesus Christ, the Lamb. He is at the door. please open the door and welcome Him everyone because He wants you back

  5. Richie Mata says:

    Handbook For World Domination From the Industrial Revolution to Planet X

    If you take the 1954 Douay Bible and look at the italics you will find weeds sewn by the devil and his army, and this has been going on in this country for the last 50 years at a minimum, and probably longer. The italics are of the Romance language coming from the Carolingian renaissance, and this is simply because Latin stems from this; hence, the word italics. In the 1954 Douay Bible these italics do not emphasize anything and they are not titles; furthermore, they placed in the Old Testament in this way where the Latin Vulgate was translated from Aramaic. As you know or should know there are three sacred languages of the Catholic Church that represent the Blessed Trinity and these three languages are the Aramaic (of God the Father), the Latin (of God the Son), and Greek (of God the Holy Spirit). Why then is the Latin in the Old Testament there when the Torah was in Aramaic. I do not know what books are in the Torah, but some of theses books are in the Old Testament of the 1954 Douay Bible. These italics are blasphemy and if you look at the patterns you can easily come to this conclusion:

    Words are said three times in order to blaspheme the Blessed Trinity especially if you are Catholic because if you associate this book with the Baltimore Catechism of the 1970’s (this is the catechism that I was taught my Catholic religion from), then you can see the pattern of this demonic-like speech. Maybe it is supposed to be the three unclean spirits like frogs, but that is the devil, the flesh, and the world. Here is a scenario:

    A Catholic boy or girl is in a small Freemason or Illuminati or whatever infiltrated town. The whole town drives past the boy or girl’s house with their lights on in a procession of about 100,000 vehicles and everybody in town starts to act different by saying the same phrases to the boy and or girl everyday for the rest of the boy or girls life (this includes all law enforcement). Take this in conjunction with not letting the boy or girl buy or sell (they can sell their possessions until they can no longer afford to buy because they are not allowed work); at this point this can only be a boy because a girl can get welfare and on social programs much more easily then a boy; however, the initial shock does what to the boy or girl. It causes them to learn in a hurry, and this is how the town becomes infiltrated by the “powers that be” overnight because everybody becomes part of the mindless beast that psychologically terrorizes those that do not know what is going on in this town; however, if someone doesn’t learn to let their town rape them by getting them to use the same speech and business practices to promote “the powers that be,” their form of devil worship, then this town does not become part of the loop overnight, and those that refuse to do the bidding of the Freemasons and Illuminati or other, they are attacked by this speech and business practices that never changes for them. If you do this in America since 1929 or even 1954 then you have exactly what America has come to be.

    Okay, now the Catholic boy or girl hasn’t changed in to a mindless devil worshiper because the town only changed yesterday for them, so what is a Catholic boy or girl supposed to do? Well, law enforcement is doing the same thing to them so that’s no good. I guess they would turn to God for help. They pick up their 1954 Douay Bible and start to read and wouldn’t it be a coincidence that the speech that everybody is saying to the boy or girl makes the italics of the Old Testament of this very 1954 Douay Bible stand out, and when taken in conjunction with the learned Baltimore Catechism of the 1970’s the pattern of blasphemy becomes more apparent. The Blessed Trinity is blasphemed; there is especially a passage that says that God the Father is not God the Son or God the Holy Spirit, that God the Son is not God the Father or God the Holy Spirit, and that God the Holy Spirit is not God the Father or God the Son; this is where the blasphemy is apparent if you use the basic logic of patterns according to what the italics of the Douay Bible state (sometimes in a triune manner).

    Finally, since everybody in your town is watching you and you have listening and video devices in your electronics (the gremlins) with a master control that can manipulate your electronic devices from the assembly line forward, then you have the devils plan for the world because this then becomes a world-wide devil ritual or “mass” as time moves forward because in my case the people on television started to show patterns and “speak” to me which further pointed out the italics in the Douay Bible. Since there is no one to help any media personality (e.g. musician, actor, newscaster), these become friendly in order to get you to do what. Well, in the Douay Bible when you listen to the display of the devil for so long you can start to read the Bible in a bare bones way and associate this with music and movies and the like. I noticed that there are three books that are one and these are the Canticle of Canticles or Song of Songs, the book of Lamentations, and Saint Johns Apocalypse. The italics use these three books to blasphemy the Blessed Trinity by trying to use little Catholic boys and girls to promote a “devil marriage” this is done for the theme which is to get the whole world excommunicated because (also in the Baltimore Catechism) if any Catholic attends a protestant “marriage” and approves of its validity then they are excommunicated. If the little Catholic boy or girl “falls in love” with their favorite musician and masturbates to them well you have a consummated “marriage” as blasphemy towards the Holy Spirit. It says in the bible that blasphemy against God the Father will be forgiven men, and that blasphemy against God the Son will be forgiven men, but that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven men. This shows that this black mass is meant and intended to send every soul on earth to hell because it is of Satan and the “powers that be.” Does this make basic logical sense so far? If you look at how the popes of the Catholic Church embrace all other religions then you can see the second part of what is taking place right now world-wide. If you accept any other religion as valid you are an apostate because you do not accept the true religion; you are an atheist at this point especially if you are a Catholic. This is why Adam Weishaupt comes to mind according to sources that say that he wanted to do away with all religious institutions and all forms of government. Anyway, if you break the first of the Ten Commandments of “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me,” then you are guilty of idol worship, and in this case apostasy because to accept a false religion is the same reason that Catholics are excommunicated for approving of a protestant “marriage.” This is if you stand by and do nothing while the town attacks the little Catholic boy or girl. This is an atrocity anyway, but furthermore each and every person receives the mark of the beast on their foreheads for not standing up (God says in the Holy Bible to one of his prophets that “I will make your forehead harder then theirs”), and on your right hand for not showing love. To let this atrocity happen is of the devil and of hatred and is the works of a coward such as Judas Iscariot and even Saint Peter when he fled; the difference between Saint Peter and Judas Iscariot is that Judas had the spirit of a murder and a thief and Saint Peter wanted to serve God. This is the good tree as opposed to the bad tree but there is also the parable of the son who said that he did not want to work in his father’s vineyard but went anyway while his brother said that he would work in his father’s vineyard and did nothing. This devil machine is a life process and I assume that is why they call it “the life.” This is because you never stop living this way because you do not want to be on the receiving end of things if you stop living this way, and this is what constitutes “the beast.” “Who is able to fight with the beast and who is able to stand?”

    They say that possession is nine tenths of the law and as an example, here are the italics from the book of 2 Paralipomenon:

    “There it their”

    This may not sound like much but if you take all of the books that have italics in them then you start to see the blasphemy. Just having these italics in an intemperate manner in the Holy Bible is blasphemy in and of itself because someone has tampered with the Holy Bible.

    Again, the three books that are one are the book of the Canticle of Canticles (this is of marriage and if taken in a carnal way…), the book of Lamentations which is of Jeremias the prophet who was stoned to death by his townsmen for telling them that they would be punished by God, and the last book is Saint John’s Apocalypse. Here are the italics therein:

    Canticle of Canticles:
    Union with Christ: is as
    Bride: Is
    Bridegroom: sheep my my my
    The Graces of Her Spouse; Bridegroom: my
    Marital Love; Bride: key is are and as
    The Spouse of Christ is but One; Bridegroom: are but
    The Graces of the Church, The Spouse of Christ; Bridegroom: are is are


    to him as my is is places are and of God their and they are for them idol your them is their are are are yet to me my are is it is and am As eggs so is is is and take it against come yet and my am against am against am against them place is is his on thee it doth A WOMAN SHALL COMPASS A MAN with the accomplished and and cast them into is like shall come as are in so doing come against his come against be another away and


    Jeremias laments the Ruin of Jerusalem: How
    Aleph: How hath
    Teth: are
    Heth: they are every
    Mem: suffering
    Nun: thee
    Samech: our
    Phe: our
    Res: Thou the
    Res: and
    Heth: now
    Nun: help walking in it
    The Fifth Lamentation: Why

    Saint John’s Apocalypse:

    Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord God almighty, who was, and who is, and who is coming.

    It should be noted that “MY” stands for Mary in some of her sacramentals, and that “Is” is of the Baltimore Catechism when speaking of the soul and the Blessed Trinity (the soul since we are made in the image of God). According to this who is the female singer representing if the Catholic boy were to masturbate to her? Who would the Catholic boy be? Who is the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

    You can see the cruelty of the devil and his army when subjecting the little Catholic boy and girl to this. I know because this was done to me and this is how I know all of this. I am currently being persecuted by my town and state of Colorado. I have been kicked out of college twice for no fault of my own because I was set up. The Social Security Administration is scrutinizing my Aunts meager check, and I am in danger of loosing my home due to these persecutions. It should be noted that these things are also associated with the One Dollar bill of the United States. You have to look at freemason or occult symbolism in order to see what place the pyramid and treasury seal have in this death ritual above. The key is the key above and it is the key to the bottomless pit. This is if you masturbate to your favorite musician, of which I did not, because I was reading the Holy bible; however, I cannot have any women now because all of them are either frightened off by their communities (long distances) or they hate me for no reason (because I do not know them). Whenever communications happen I get devil speech like the italics written in my 1954 Douay Bible. Some women have warmed up to me, but then they leave after 5 minutes without any explanation. I have to look after the souls of my mother and aunt and I think that they tried to murder my aunt because her nurse brought a dangerous strain of influenza in to my house and gave it to my aunt. My aunt has been in the hospital for the last month and a nursing home for 3 weeks now (ever since the start of January of 2013). I am home alone. I have no proof that they tried to murder my aunt and this is how they work in my opinion. I once told a school official that everyday was Murphy’s Law and this is true. Every time that I go out in public I get weird ritualistic speech and actions from the townspeople and this includes law enforcement. I have recently been expelled from my college with no explanation.

    As for the One Dollar bill, you can see the “mystery” of the “false prophet” and “the abomination of desolation” within the pyramid if you know what to look for. This is the most obscure proof that I have but here goes. 6 over 7 means to be your own god and you can see some of these freemasonic or occultist themes in the italics of the Douay Bible as well. This symbolism is in the eagle as well as the number 13 which (correctly) stands for One God in Three Persons, but as for blasphemy…. You have to find a freemason source of course. If you take the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty and invert these in the pyramid you have a power structure and a stairway to…. When you enter the pyramid it inverts. If you take the base of the Eiffel Tower and invert it you get Neptune’s pitchfork surrounding the all seeing eye which looks like something out of a J.R.R. Tolkein novel (these also correspond with Planet X and the constellations thereof). If you use math there are 3 gears. The first gear is a 4 pointed star, the second a 5 pointed star, and the third is a 6 pointed star and these are gears that turn the “tower of babel,” which is the common speech that everyone in town says to you when you go to the grocery store (the devils display). Do you renounce the display of the devil and all of his pompts and works: Response: “I Do.” This is of our Catholic baptismal vows. This is also why this is done in a blasphemous way. The numbers 13, 19.5, and the period symbol are significant due to the measurement of the cubit. Also significant is the Babylonian number system where 100 equals 60 or 66 or something. Since this is very weak proof and it convolutes I do not like to go in to this too much. From what I see (according to the above symbolism) “they” hate John F. Kennedy because of his stance against Communism in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Fifty Cent piece is shown how and why according to the Marilyn Monroe rumors. John F. Kennedy was a Catholic President with knowledge of what was happening behind the scenes.

    John F. Kennedy took a 100 percent correct stance by not dealing with terrorists during the Cuban Missile Crisis: “Do you renounce Satan and all of his pompts and works.” John F. Kennedy did in example for Catholics. I do not deal with terrorists in any way shape or form as well. I do not whore my speech out to lead anybody astray for the sake of comfort.

    I have read the book that Mel Gibson based his Passion of the Christ on and this was The City of God by Sister Mary Agreda of Spain. According to this book the whore of St. John’s apocalypse is comfort and this makes sense. A lot of things make sense in this book. I have put everything that is in this writing together from the sources: The Holy Douay Bible of 1954 with no verbal changes of modernism, The City of God, and The Baltimore Catechism. This is in conjunction with things of the media which are meant to lead you astray, but if you have a solid foundation then you can sift through all the smoke. I also have my personal experiences to draw from.

    On a final note, I am writing a philosophy book trying to prove the existence of God by logic alone which is difficult, and I have found an interesting correlation. If you look at the specific argument for the existence of God you cannot use his triune nature due to the problem of infinite regress because paradox is not allowed as proof in philosophy; however, since two independent gods are an inefficient way to create the universe according to God being Omnipotent (all powerful) and Omniscience (all knowing because he is everywhere to know everything) then you can use the nature of God by first showing this inefficiency if God is all powerful then a second god would need permission where power and knowledge is concerned which would slow down things and as lightning takes the path of least resistance well… you see the inefficiency showing that God is more efficient because he is One God with Three persons according to the operations thereof. According to the blasphemy of the italics of the Douay Bible the Eggs is a what came first the chicken or the egg thing. This is in a few places in the italics of the Holy Douay bible.

    On a final note, ever since America has implemented credit, lending, and borrowing as a way to live Americans have been getting poorer because the Dollar has been devalued and people live beyond their means. When the housing market crashed people lost their homes due to credit, lending, and borrowing (the key is also mentioned in the above italics and money is power they say). I do not believe in credit, lending, and borrowing to live beyond my means and this is what caused me to research the Keynsian theory regarding credit, lending, and borrowing. Since not much Capital exists because banks take the investor’s monies and lend them out the world economy would collapse if every account holder did a bank run (cashed out their accounts). This is how America and the world is becoming and has become (in my opinion) communist. In order to be socialist a One World Order would have to be implemented with a One World Military where all Sovereign states would have to be abolished.

    The FED Ushering Communism

    Into the New World Order Based Upon Keynesian Theory

    And Keynes’s Legacy

    by Richard Mata
    John Maynard Keynes (June 5, 1883 – April 21, 1946) was an influential historical figure who viewed economics according to the psychology of the human soul, and he postulated many theories publicly. His system of economics is what fiscal policy is based upon in the United States. His philosophy is shown in his essay titled The end of laissez-faire:
    In Europe, or at least in some parts of Europe – but not, I think, in the United States of America – there is a latent reaction, somewhat widespread, against basing society to the extent that we do upon fostering, encouraging, and protecting the money-motives of individuals. A preference for arranging our affairs in such a way as to appeal to the money-motive as little as possible, rather than as much as possible, need not be entirely a priori, but may be based on the comparison of experiences. Different persons, according to their choice of profession, find the money-motive playing a large or a small part in their daily lives, and historians can tell us about other phases of social organisation in which this motive has played a much smaller part than it does now. Most religions and most philosophies deprecate, to say the least of it, a way of life mainly influenced by considerations of personal money profit. On the other hand, most men today reject ascetic notions and do not doubt the real advantages of wealth. Moreover, it seems obvious to them that one cannot do without the money-motive, and that, apart from certain admitted abuses, it does its job well. In the result the average man averts his attention from the problem, and has no clear idea what he really thinks and feels about the whole confounded matter.
    Confusion of thought and feeling leads to confusion of speech. Many people, who are really objecting to capitalism as a way of life, argue as though they were objecting to it on the ground of its inefficiency in attaining its own objects. Contrariwise, devotees of capitalism are often unduly conservative, and reject reforms in its technique, which might really strengthen and preserve it, for fear that they may prove to be first steps away from capitalism itself. Nevertheless, a time may be coming when we shall get clearer than at present as to when we are talking about capitalism as an efficient or inefficient technique, and when we are talking about it as desirable or objectionable in itself. For my part I think that capitalism, wisely managed, can probably be made more efficient for attaining economic ends than any alternative system yet in sight, but that in itself it is in many ways extremely objectionable. Our problem is to work out a social organisation which shall be as efficient as possible without offending our notions of a satisfactory way of life (Keynes).
    Keynes believed that Capitalism could be improved upon in a responsible way, and according to the above named source he was a follower of John Locke and David Hume; however, only John Locke is of interest.
    According to Locke’s treatises of government “OF CIVIL-GOVERNMENT: Book II[,]” John Locke had a very Catholic view of the world believing that a person should regulate himself, and then look to the regulation of society, and that if one regulates one’s self then society would in turn be regulated; he was a proponent of “life, liberty, and property,” and he believed that people should not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process, and that any government that would deny its subjects or citizens of private property without due process is a tyrannical government and is of no authority (Locke). According to our class discussions and what we have learned as a class thus far, the Old World Order (for all intents and purposes) was built for the most part on “laissez faire” economics stemming from the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain, Europe, and ultimately, the rest of the world, and consumerism set the capitalistic stage for supply and demand, which also clarified class structure (e.g. the aristocracy being supplied by the lower-middle classes) according to economic wealth notwithstanding birthright.
    With this context I theorize this, that the Keynes based his economical theory loosely upon Capitalism stemming from the human want for material sustenance, but that property should be protected by governments of the world without an infringement of rights by any elite class, and that Keynesian theory is being used in an incorrect way by the governments of the world, but especially by the government of the United States, which is resulting in the loss of individual property; thus, it is also resulting in an elite class of citizens due to the propagation of credit, lending, and borrowing as a solution to sustained wealth, and this is being done specifically regarding the Keynesian theory of credit, lending, and borrowing. This is shown in the contrast between Keynesian ideology and economic reality in America and around the world; furthermore, the elite class in America is growing richer while the other classes are growing poorer due to government fiscal policy in America and the rest of the world. Due to this, Keynes’s legacy is one of an ideal that was unrealized, and even so his theory is still in use today in America and the world, and our economic structure is based upon Keynes’s theory, but with a different interpretation by our government.
    The Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913.The Federal Reserve or FED was established due to economic instability in 1907 and was created as: “[a]n Act To provide for the establishment of Federal Reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.” Inflation and full employment (according to Keynesian theory) as applied to the acceptable rate of unemployment at any given time according to legal working age and category status of those unemployed, this was not taken in to account when the U.S. government founded the FED. This is according to today’s standards (e.g. legal working age and child labor then and now), and it should be noted that inflation has increased prices thirty-fold in the last century across the world due to inflation causing the purchasing power of the average citizen to be thirty times less than when the public or national debt was nominal or non-existent in America. This shows that America has been failing over the course of the last century due to its fiscal policy of utilizing Keynesian economic theory (regarding credit, lending, and borrowing) as a means to sustain the wealth of the American public. When Keynesian theory was first employed as a means to an end in America inflation was still a new phenomenon. “It is probable that in 1913, while financial panics were not uncommon, high inflation was still largely seen by the founders of the FED as a relatively rare phenomenon associated with wars and their immediate aftermath” (Reinhart and Rogoff 1, 3-4). (Reinhart and Rogoff 1).
    In 1933 the gold standard was changed due to “laissez faire” economics which caused a slow down of liquidity (a constriction) in the American economy, and this was due to the citizens of America holding on to their money as based on the gold standard, and by non-spending which caused markets to slow down. This “laissez faire” approach, based on the gold standard, caused this effect to take place throughout the world economy so that the nations of the world rescinded their gold standards. In America however, “…the Fed did have multiple instruments at its disposal apart from setting interest rates” (Reinhart and Rogoff 1,4)
    In 1933 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was created in order to stabilize the banking industry by insuring bank deposits (insulating banks from failing so that they could then conduct business in a secure environment); thus, all of the above was setting the stage for the implementation of a continual fiscal policy based mostly on credit, lending, and borrowing. From 1935 to 1937 compulsory bank deposits in the FED increased in percentages respectively, and in America, dependence on the effects of inflation, this was beginning to take place and was a side effect left over from the need to repair the effects of the Great Depression (Reinhart and Rogoff 3,4). Note: in the following table (in red), this shows the completion of the founding of American fiscal policy to 2013 based on Keynesian economical theory according to basic economical tools (e.g. the FDIC), and credit, lending, and borrowing after this point led to the non-realization of Keynesian’s ideal. Keynesian’s ideal was used by subsequent American Presidents after this point in an incorrect way; this is the same a plagiarism according to administrations that claim to base their fiscal policy on Keynesian theory in any way, shape, or form with the result or promise of sustained wealth in America (e.g. press conferences).

    Table 1. Selected Timeline: 1913-2012
    Selected Years: Legislative/Regulation/other Financial Crisis Inflation Performance Real Interest Rates Other Policy.
    1913 Fed Created
    1914-1918 WWI-Capital Controls Equity Peak 18% crash -4.2% average War bond drive.
    1919-1929 Liberal financial markets Real estate crash 1.4% average 3.7% average
    1931 2,031 bank closures Crisis peak -9% 11.6%
    1932-1933 Glass-Stegall, FDIC created, end of gold standard & capital controls -5 to -10% 6.8-12.2% 1935-1937, reserve requirements double.
    1939-1945 WWII-Breton Woods agreements, 1944-1945 Peak 12.9% Peak War bond drive & credit controls.
    1945- Financial repression & capital controls Longest hiatus -0.4% average Ceiling on t-bills.
    1951 Fed-Treasury Accord US & worldwide, 1945-1980 Fed independence.
    1970’s Oil shocks Peak 14% -2.8 to 2%
    1978-1979 Humphry Hawkins Full Employment Act 0% average Stabalization starts October 1979.
    1980-1986 Financial liberalization-interest ceilings eliminated S & L crisis 13.5 to 1.9% 4.5-6% Inflation stabilization.
    2000- Treasury purchases by foreign central banks skyrocket Subprime onset 2007 2.5% average 2% average 1981-2007
    2008-2012 QE’s, Dodd Frank, return of financial repression? -1.6% average Directed credit.

    (Reinhart and Rogoff 3,4).
    What is inflation? I have been learning about this phenomenon thorough out my college career. In laymen’s terms as based upon logical argument inflation is what speeds up the economy, but it comes with side effects. Inflation: when you add heat to atoms this causes them to move faster, and this is what inflation due to credit, lending, and borrowing does, it causes the economy to move faster due to spending which is the opposite effect caused by a majority of people who hold on to their gold, currency, or capital reserves thus slowing down the economy because less services and goods are bought in a country (this in turn stifles capitalism because to become wealthy you have to sell); inflation is caused by the overprinting of money and causes prices to rise, because the more money that is printed the less valuable it is worth. Inflation is not a long-term solution to the strength of a country or its citizens because an economy that has a money standard at 100% (where their currency is worth full value because no more money is printed then what a country actually has as wealth) is considered at full strength in the world economic structure, and this applies to the citizens of a country respectively; when a country holds on to its capital reserves with its printed money equaling its wealth it has a stronger dollar, its budget is balanced, and this is the stage needed in order to build up wealth because the only way to increase wealth in a country, is not to print more money, but to take another countries wealth away from it in market competition. For instance, as a citizen of the United States you owe part of the national public debt due to the overprinting of money in America (borrowing against the wealth of future generations). Before you can gain any wealth you have to pay your portion of the national debt; thus, balancing the budget of America. The effect of a balanced budget is that the American Dollar is at 100% in the world-wide economy and thus it competes against world currencies at this strength; the inflation rate is zero. The proper effect of credit, lending, and borrowing is done when a nation’s currency is at 100% and this is done in lending because the interest gained on these loans is “taking wealth away from other countries” because your currency cannot be devalued if it is at 100%, and if it is at 100% you are not overprinting money in order to lend it out to other nations.
    Capitalism, which is what causes liquidity according to commerce, and economic stability due to the flow of money across economic systems when interest and loans are used responsibly, this causes countries to compete correctly in markets for monetary gain, it is the driving engine of production, and it is the epitome of the Keynesian ideal (as realized); however in a spirit of Communism sovereign states do not compete according to sales, but according to credit, lending, and borrowing, and this is not of the Keynesian ideal.
    For example, when one person deposits money in his bank account his bank uses his physical money in order to generate its own revenue by lending this money out to other borrowers, and a bank draws its lending monies from a pool of people (the account holders). This “thins” out the money and spreads it out. In this instance, the product that is sold is not a capital good but someone else’s money. This “spreading out” causes inflation and allows people to borrow money to use responsibly in order to buy whatever the feel they can afford (e.g. real estate). The problem with using other peoples money in order to generate your own revenue (by lending this same money out) is that you have to pay the account holder when he closes his account, and if you have lent his money out then you cannot pay him what you owe him unless you can cover this debt by other means; if all of your account holders do this (a bank run) you go bankrupt because you cannot cover the bank run due to the lack of liquidity (e.g. liquidity is available money that is not tied up, usually in capital). There is then a domino effect, because as you try to cover the bank run by “closing out” all of the accounts that you have with people that you have lent your borrowed funds to you put the same burden that you are going thorough on them. If you are a large bank or a country calling in a debt to pay the smaller version of yourself you can then (theoretically) bankrupt other countries or even the world; in this instance the world economy would collapse. (Ironically, this bank run scenario reduces the liquidity of those involved to zero because the economy freezes, and the irony lies in the fact that credit, lending, and borrowing in this day and age is done so that the economy does not freeze).
    An example of a real world event showing the improper use of Keynesian theory happened after President Barak Obama took office. Barak Obama’s stimulus package utilized in order to promote spending (and production) in the economy by injection of monies into American households was supposed to bring us out of a recession, but President Obama had to increase the national debt by trillions of dollars to pay for this stimulus package; due to this, our national debt increased by trillions of dollars in order to get America spending and now each American owes a bigger portion of the national debt then before. We have left this debt to future generations, and the purchasing power of our Dollar has been devalued proportionately in the here and now.
    Traditional economic theory posits that people make decisions by maximizing a utility function in which all of the relevant constraints and preferences are included and weighed appropriately (Simon 1959). Traditional theory assumes that individuals have full information and are able to process this information, that individuals are rational decision makers, and that individuals’ preferences are well-defined and constant over time (Becker 1962; Thaler 1990). Behavioral economists and decision-making researchers question these assumptions, however, and are interested in how people make decisions in the face of incomplete information, limited cognitive resources, and the decision biases to which individuals often fall prey (for example, Thaler 1990, 1999; Tversky and Kahneman 1974). Empirical findings in the areas of judgment and decision making [] and behavioral economics depart from the notion of man as economically rational, illustrating instead that people often act in ways that are economically suboptimal. This article outlines findings from the [judgment and decision making] and behavioral-economics literatures that focus on elements of the retirement savings decision (Knoll).
    The above is based upon the field of Behavioral Economics and this field tries to address why people make the economic decisions that they make regarding their spending and saving habits. This theory is known by the Obama Administration and has been known by previous presidential Administrations.
    According to the peer-reviewed essay (2011) published by the Council on Foreign Relations “Why the Rich Art Getting Richer: American Politics and the Second Gilded Age” by Robert C. Lieberman, as found in the academic journal called Foreign Affairs, unemployment in America is at its highest point in approximately 30 years, millions of Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure, and real income (real purchasing power after the devalued Dollar at any given time is taken in to account due to inflation) is falling to Great Depression proportions resulting in shaken consumer confidence in the American economy; yet, the rich become richer (Lieberman 154).
    The top 5 percent of the wealthiest American made money while the rest of America lost money as their incomes declined, and this has been the trend for the last half a century (40 years). The top 1 percent of America’s rich has seen a 12 percent increase since the 1960’s. According to scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson a ‘winner-take-all’ economy is evident in America due to the fact that the income inequality range is increasing (at the cost of the middle class) to a level not seen since the Great Depression, and this inequality is higher then countries abroad. “…the de-regulation of financial markets has allowed banks and other financial institutions to create ever more Byzantine financial instru[]ments that further enrich wealthy managers and investors while exposing home-owners and pensioners to ruinous risks.” Many policies in America were emplaced by ‘drift’ which takes place when policies have a lag effect and are not able to modify or be modified due to changing times (this perverts the intent of the original policy). “Policies in the United States, once made, tend to be hard to overturn or even to modify (Lieberman 154-156).
    Keynesian economical theory is what the economics of early America was founded on due to laissez-faire economics during the early 1900’s, but especially during and due to the Great Depression, and this was specifically in the area of credit, lending and borrowing as the increase of deposits in the FED from 1935-1937 shows, and this is still the economic theory that America has today (as can be seen in our National Deficit and the increase thereof); however, Keynesian ideal and economic reality 100 years later is contrasted dramatically because our government continues to use Keynesian theory as a basis to increase credit, lending, and borrowing in its policies, and the “Byzantine” practices of banks (as encouraged by the U.S. government) has caused the housing market to fail in the early 21st century, which has resulted in the loss of individual property; thus, these Byzantine practices are also resulting in an elite class of citizens due to the propagation of credit, lending, and borrowing as a solution to sustained wealth where the rich were not affected by this same housing market crash, and the reason for this is that average Americans tend to live beyond their means due to credit, lending, and borrowing. Because of this only debt is left to American children these days instead of a build up of capital (e.g. real estate), and this attitude of consumerism as seen stemming from the Industrial Revolution of Great Britain and Europe is encouraged by the government of the United States of America and taken advantage of by America’s banking institutions to the detriment of the middle and lower economical classes of America. America has a duty to insure policies that protect the life, liberty, and property (e.g. the pursuit of happiness) of Americans according to the Keynesian ideal that our economy is based on since the 1930’s and they have not; furthermore, they have globalized or are involved in the globalization of these policies as based incorrectly on Keynesian economical theory resulting in economical communism as opposed to economic capitalism where the oligarchy is the elite class across economies. Laissez-faire economics is Capitalistic and the modification that Keynesian sought in order to purify Capitalism was not realized in his lifetime (John Maynard Keynes (June 5, 1883 – April 21, 1946)) even though he ushered in a new economical policy in early America. Keynes left his idealic theory behind as his legacy.
    With this in mind what is really going on? The “powers that be” whether Illuminati, or Freemason, or whatever, these have been building up a system of slavery in the world and this is the One World Order.
    Now take in to account the incoming planet ELEnin and planet X or Nibiru, as the theory goes, from conspiracy to official stance; if there are two miniature solar systems that are incoming (one supposedly already passed during the summer of 2012) and you (as a secret society) have known about this for some 3,600 years….
    What are the options of a burgeoning secret world power circa 1600 or so? Well, if you worship the devil or have made arrangements with him, then you might send a bunch of souls to hell within the 1600 years that two solar systems are on their return path toward Earth, and you might as well use this excuse to rob the world of its resources and monies just in case the two Extinction Level Event (because nibiru is near) solar systems are going to arrive in 1600 years and not do any damage (talk about speculating in futures). In this instance fear is the plan to enslave mankind in a New or One World Order. For instance, say you want people to worship the devil who would not normally do so, then how would you accomplish this (considering how the Douay Bible was tampered with in the 1950’s). Your secret society knows that technology will not be advanced enough to stop this Extinction Level Event from taking place in the next few hundred years, and that no plan for world dominance can really start until globalization makes it technologically possible (this dates the “powers that be” and their plans from about 1600 A.D. to present). So, you would tell them, those that read the Douay Bible and those that watch media, more and more as time goes on and the event is nearer, that two giant planets are going to destroy Earth at the start of the 21st century and that they (the initiate sell-out with a job) will have to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. The “problem” would be opposition to any form of power used to “save” mankind. In this scenario this would amount to letting the “powers that be” do whatever they want without any regard for law, civil and human rights, and religious beliefs. The One World “state” can become Hitler Nazis on steroids if people are scared enough to the point of allowing this to take place for whatever reason that the “powers that be” give them. There was a run through in Nazi Germany to be exact and this run through is “History” where those that do not learn form it are doomed to repeat it. People are scared enough to let those in “authority” do whatever they want and this is why I say that Nazi Germany was a run through, because the lawlessness, lack of civil and human rights, and the tearing down of religion in the world today is of the devil working through mankind according to mankind’s selfishness; much like Nazi Germany according to the scale of atrocities.
    Instead of trusting in God the world has turned to the devil, and in my opinion, this is what will bring about the judgment of Saint John’s apocalypse upon the Earth whether it happens from these two ELE events or afterwards after the “powers that be” run some scheduled “maintenance” to get their non-battered, uncooked, or unfrozen ducks in a row. Today is March 13, 2013 and from what I can gather there is still one solar system (for lack of a better term) behind the sun that will be arriving in the next couple of years or so, but maybe this is the greatest hoax to ever be perpetuated. In my opinion I do not think so, but I am going off of the information from the internet.
    From my experiences no one is speaking up and I believe that this is because no one has proper information which is truth itself. Either this or that they are being controlled by the “powers that be” by whatever means (some are sell-outs). I recently started looking at movies in a different light. If you look at the possible cataclysmic scenarios of a near planet to solar system collision and apply this to mainstream movies and even some commercials and commercial products….

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