The Best Documentary Ever Made On The Subject Of Planet Nibiru

In this documentary on Planet Nibiru Scientist on a hunt for the sun’s evil twin also known as Nemesis

. Go into detail about why they believe in the existence of Nibiru and how they came to the conclusion that Planet X does in fact exist.


Scientist have found that Nibiru more than likely follows a 26 million year orbit. That brings it flying through our solar systems Orc cloud and as it passes through pulling with it trillions of Comets launching them right toward earth in a sort of Russian roulette fashion.


Could this be what made the dinosaurs go extinct leaving woolly mammoths flash frozen with fresh greens still in their mouths over 65 million years ago. Ending life on planet earth as we know it today Destroying millions of species and life forms in an instant.


Not only that but it appears according to scientist that this is a regular event that follows every 26 million years. Could this 26 million years be the orbit period for planet nemesis as it passes through our orc cloud launching a devastating barrage of comets headed for our solar system ?


Science seems to show more and more that our sun that sustains our life and gives us the energy we need to survive has a dark secret and evil twin. A cosmic stalker known by many names both of which are Nibiru and Nemesis.


So who and what is this death star companion to our very own sun? What orbit path does it follow and what did the ancients know about this evil twin to our sun? For every 26 billion years this evil twin wreaks havoc on our solar system and may very well extinguish most life on planet earth without mercy.


So why is this cosmic stalker of our sun so hard to see. Why is it that we can see planets stars moons on other worlds other galaxies even and yet we have no clear photographic or astronomical evidence of Planet Nibiru ? What keeps us from seeing this evil twin that is one of the biggest threats to humanities survival ?


Well according to scientist Nibiru is a Red Dwarf Star and very dimly lit and very hard to see unlike our sun which gives of very massive and visible light. Nemesis is very hard to see and doesn’t give of nearly as much light as our sun. Making it very hard for our telescopes and instruments to see.


Also we must factor in that most of our Space telescopes and equipment are designed for deep space exploration. While to track Nibiru we would need telescopes and scanning equipment specially designed for up close and near space exploration.


The Nemesis theory basically states that Nibiru aka Nemesis has a 26 million year orbit around our sun and as it passes through the Orc cloud of comets just outside our solar system it pulls in with it trillions of comets. Which are then launched at our solar system like trillions of bullets and that at least 1 or two of them 2 statistically speaking must hit planet earth.


But with the hopes of Infrared scanning technology we can spot Nibiru and have fair warning as to its arrival and be better prepared for the impact it will have on our planet and solar system. Although what can we truly do when something so massive brings with it trillions of comets flying right at our planet earth is there any real way to prepare for such an event ?


In this video a juggler is used to demonstrate the harmonic balance of our solar system and to show the effects of Planet Nibiru. A bowling ball is thrown into the mix and the results are very clear Nibiru can’t help being destructive. By its size and nature its destined for wrecking havoc on our solar system. Leaving destruction in its path.


Also used in the documentary to show the relationship of Nibiru to our very own Sun is NASCAR race cars. Demonstrating the orbit in relation to our son and its effects. The film goes on to show traffic monitoring system in Los Angeles and how traffic flows smoothly until an anomaly comes in. In this case an accident and immediately you can see the massive impact it has on all the cars flowing around it. Much like the destruction planet Nibiru will cause to our planet and our solar system and similar to the congestion in our solar systems Orc cloud.


But Nibiru is not the only massive object orbiting our solar system and you wont believe it but there is another possible object known as Planet Tyche. This planet is 100 times the mass of Jupiter and is orbiting our solar system much like Nibiru. Although a lighter version of Nemesis it still impacts the Orc cloud that surrounds our solar system and could impact the orbit of planet Nibiru.


Although planet Tyche is not nearly as destructive as Planet Nibiru. Its orbit is more frequent around our sun with a 1 million year orbit it truly is a strange version of Jupiter. Leaving one to wonder what impact it may have on the future of our planet and solar system.


And yet there is another orbiting body which most of us don’t know of and that is Sedna. A trans-Neptunian object smaller then our moon and is three times farther away from our sun than Pluto. It is the coldest most distant place in our solar system. But its importance is not apparent until you take a closer look.


Scientist want to know why it has such a strange elliptical orbit. What caused this you guessed it ! It may very well be a cosmic indicator to the existence of Nibiru. Did Nibiru pull Sedna out into the distance reaches of our solar system leaving it a cold lonely body wandering through space? Or was it our very own gas giants Saturn and Jupiter that sent poor Sedna out on a distant cold lonely orbit.


One thing is clear. Something in our Solar system causes a mass extinction about every 26 million years. Could this be Nemesis our suns evil cosmic twin ? If so Nemesis will eventually makes its way back to earth and when it does it will launch nearly a trillion comets our way over the period of a million years. Yes a million years a constant barrage of comets flying at us for a million years.


As science progresses we will better understand Nibiru and its effects. But something out there has caused the extinction of dinosaurs and life on planet earth as we know it and we have the fossils to prove it. The threat of Planet X is no longer an abstract discussion. But an inevitable fact . Share your comments and feelings below and tell us what you think

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  1. Believe my beliefs or burn in hell = ReLEGION

  2. Well if you think that “god” is a man, or even a person for that matter then your just as clueless as the people that believe in the Big Bang theory. Lets just agree to disagree because everyone is too thick headed and narrow minded to even begin to fathom what god source really is, or any other mind boggling, thought provoking questions of life. I could sit here and try to explain my own perception of reality but that would be pointless. Your reality is your perception of it…

  3. rjflodee says:

    how about we just use common sense and accept the fact that a “bang” does not start or create life? its the other way around…last time i heard a bang somebody died.  scientists think too much and cant accept the fact that someone had to create all the things around us.

  4. Mark Davies says:

    2 OF 2
    He will come with thousands of mighty chariots.2 men will be in the same field but only one will be taken,the other will be left.Al elements shall melt and the earth shall burn up.In my fathers house are many mansions,i will come again and receive you all,where i am you shall be.Blessed are they who believe…Words of Christ the one who knows.

  5. Mark Davies says:

     PART 1 OF 2
    There will be false messiah and the sun will go dark and the moon will give no light ans stars shall fall from heaven and the greatest earthquake not known to man shall come .
    All cities will fall.Babylon will be no more and will be pulled down and the sign of the son of man shall be shown in the heavens above and they shall all see him coming with power and glory and all his angels will come those alive shall be caught up with those above.the chariot of fire shall be here CONTINUED

  6. Emmanuel Truthseeker says:

    Actually Nibiru’s orbit takes 3600 years to go around the yellow sun. Every 36,000 years it comes particularly close to Earth and stops the rotation on her axis; which is happening now. Eventually Earth will stop rotating for up to four days. The Van Allen belts will collapse and that side of the Earth facing the sun will be fried to a crisp. When Nibiru passes, the gravitational wake rerotates Earth but in the opposite direction so that the sun will rise in the west and set in the east henceforth; for the next 36,000 years. Polarity shifts are well evidenced in the geological record of planet Earth.

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