Nibiru – The Biggest Illuminati Cover Up Exposed !


Nibiru is approaching but why have the Illuminati been so hell bent on keeping this information from the public ?


 Nibiru   The Biggest Illuminati Cover Up Exposed !

The Effects Of Nibiru

There is a recently discovered planet that came from the far most areas of the solar system and is hurtling towards Earth, the planet is renowned as Nibiru and is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the world today. But what do we know about Nibiru and how destructive can it be to people and all living creatures on Earth?

Nibiru or also known as planet Nibiru, was first discovered during the early 1980s by a group of NASA astronomers. The discovery was made by using high-tech infrared sensors that are equipped in their observatories and satellites. At the time the planet is seen near the Kuipers belt and is discovered to be moving slowly towards the inner reaches of the solar system. Nibiru or better known today as planet Nibiru 2012 has gained its momentum and is currently known to be a couple of years shy away from making its destructive arrival here on Earth.

People say that the effects of the intrusion of Nibiru or the 12th planet, as some people prefer to call it, will be devastating. Apocalypse theorists even go so far as saying that the effects trump those of the bible predictions. These effects include billions of deaths, widespread natural disasters, famine, solar flares, wars and a lot more. These catastrophic effects of Nibiru will take place when it finally reaches the Earth. This is the reason why Nibiru has been associated to a lot of doomsday theories such as the Mayan Apocalypse theory and galactic alignment end of the world theories.

The ancient Mayan calendar has a long count that at the end of which something big, unexplained and very troubling will happen, and the end of that long count cycle is on December 21, 2013. And this has caused a lot of people to believe that the impending arrival of Nibiru is the big and mysterious thing that will happen now, resulting in more believers in the Mayan prophecy. Several ideas on how to prevent the arrival of Nibiru, such as the intervention theory, has been discussed and the skeptics are every day looking for holes in the predictions but because of the Mayan, Aztec and Sumerian culture is infamous for their highly developed knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, the 2013 Mayan prediction has more people believing as the year approaches. The ancient Mayan prophecy may be true, or it may be faulty but it does not belie the fact that Planet X is coming and as the days go by, slowly reveals itself as a menace to the Earth’s existence; the question now is, is there any way that we can prevent it?



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66 Responses to “Nibiru – The Biggest Illuminati Cover Up Exposed !”

  1. Therrito says:

    You say (at 00:36) that infrared images was taken of “Planet X” in 1981.
    The first Infrared Telescope was not launched until 1983.

    At 02:48 you also say that in 1982 “Planet X” was inbound and would reach us in 25-30 years.
    If you had any brains at all you would know that 1982+30=2012.
    By MY calculations all of these cataclysms would have already happened and we should be dead.

    Why don’t you dumbasses get your facts straight before you lie to us?

    • commonsense says:

      Well unfortunately the Mayans didn’t account for leap year. So, 2013 will be the time. Today is august 20 2013, and it is clearly visible to the naked eye at dusk and sunrise, and I say naked eye for those of you who want to be cute and say your bullshit lens flare crap.

  2. Borisyoch says:

    Yes just check other YouTube videos and you will find it.

  3. Ahmed Dip says:

    What ever pleases you

  4. SuperUFB says:

    Any hard evidence that Noah actually existed?

  5. SuperUFB says:

    Something that does not exist cannot be visible.

  6. SuperUFB says:

    Do you have any hard evidence in support of the existence of this “Nibiru” at all?

    A location perchance?

  7. SuperUFB says:

    It is *not* matching with the Quran.

  8. SuperUFB says:

    Even if it were ‘invisible’, its gravitational effects on other celestial objects would be *quite* noticeable also…how would something of planetary size avoid reflecting the Sun’s light from its surface?

  9. Lord Polywog says:

    oh noooooooo, scary music….. i’m feeling strange and unusual…..

  10. we’re all still here!

  11. emacpmd says:

    My advice to you, seek therapy.

  12. emacpmd says:

    No. The reason why we cannot see it is because, it’s not there.

  13. Zoe Allin says:

    I’m just making a suggestion from what I’ve read – I am in no way knowledgeable about this subject! It mentions that it is a ‘dark planet’ with such a large orbit that it spends most of it’s time in the ‘darkness of outer space’ and only passes back through the inner solar system once every 3630 years. Maybe this is why we can’t see it?

  14. SuperUFB says:

    Absolutely right Lilnoodle..I’ve been asking these Nibiru twerps exactly this question for a few years now and none of them have been able to answer this, what ought to be, a straight forward easy to answer question.

  15. i just wasted fifteen minutes of my life. it’s 2013

  16. SuperUFB says:

    Show some moral leadership, off yourself first.

  17. SuperUFB says:

    If I jumped on your head would that constitute sufficient evidence of my existence?

  18. SuperUFB says:

    Principally because “Nibiru” doesn’t exist.

  19. SuperUFB says:

    Proselytisers have been saying this for centuries and, to date, it hasn’t been true.

  20. Hanna Marley says:

    The end of the world is near!! Turn to God before it’s too late!

  21. Paul Norris says:

    Well the ‘secret meeting’ wasn’t very secret after all was it…

  22. Pattyguy3 says:

    Im sorry, i know its stupid to argue with these videos but i cant help it. “Why would he government build these underground bunkers unlesss the planet is real” you later say “the government secretly build these bunkers” IF ITS A SECRET HOW DO YOU KNOW? so the government building bunkers is not the finite proof.

  23. These was my dream, a huge planet from the sky. Visible like a moon, but larger than our moon.

  24. The earth shaking and the ground is splitting up creating a hole, wind blows so strong like a large storm passing by. meteor shower from the sky and exploding like a nuclear bomb. I no one will believe me saying and sharing these to my fellow people, but.. this is what I am dreaming of. Its not everyday, its just sometimes. I kept wondering about it, that why I kept dreaming of it all of a sudden? I dont know why.

  25. iinsanecyco says:

    It’s one of those trolling planets that passes every 1000years or so.
    He’s like “I’m coming” then he’s a no show*troll face*

  26. How come we can’t see Nibiru from the sky if its so clos? I’m just wondering bc it’s a big planet I would think we could see it

  27. assh0lechr1s says:

    Yeah, baby! Load me up with some TNT!

  28. trev1978 says:

    Yep-easy. My DNA, my skeleton, my dental/medical records, my birth certificate, etc etc…Need I go on??!!

  29. fuck yeah! bring it the fuck on

  30. nc romani says:

    scientific evidence for your existence, for example?

  31. Ahmed Dip says:

    Quran talks about the minor signs. Then the major signs. the moon getting destroyed before the earth destroys. Then the Sun will rise from the west. The sun will be about 10 times more powerful. more bright, hotter than our present sun. There will be longer days. People will make shelters but everybody will die. Both Human & Jinns(aliens) will die when the planets end permanently.

  32. Ahmed Dip says:

    It is all matching with the Quran!!! Allah take me soon to you. My soul wants to return to you.

  33. C10985 says:

    Planet X is the moon. Get over it and go get a life

  34. scirzorzer says:

    NIBIRU! Come on already… come and cleanse this shit hole of a planet…

  35. KenArkane says:

    Thanxancient greeks. G-d: told me theyre 30 million squared ad infinitum.

    1 event horizon. Is one crowded conscious infinitely twisted circular road/avenue.

    Greek PI. 3.14567890. Two are missing. King of Kings and Queen of Queens. Holy Neutrinos!
    666 = Parasites = NONEXISTENCE = 3,145666

  36. KenArkane says:

    666 = Parasites = NONEXISTENCE = 3,145666

  37. KenArkane says:

    Thanxancient greeks. G-d: told me theyre 30 million squared ad infinitum.
    1 event horizon. Is one crowded conscious infinitely twisted circular road/avenue.
    Greek PI. 3.14567890. Two are missing. King of Kings and Queen of Queens. Holy Neutrinos!

  38. KenArkane says:

    Thanxancient greeks. G-d: told me theyre 30 million squared ad infinitum.
    1 event horizon. Is one crowded conscious infinitely twisted circular road/avenue.
    Greek PI. 3.14567890. Two are missing. King of Kings and Queen of Queens. Holy Neutrinos!

  39. KAOS KC says:

    OK this looks interesting its now 2013 and May where exactly is it in the sky?

    At this stage this planet X should be visible all the time and should be bright,

    What is the location of it in the sky? and then we can check the facts as I have a powerful Telescope :)

    If its true we are screwed to late to do anything, might as well blow my cash in Vegas :)

  40. KAOS KC says:

    OK this looks interesting its now 2013 and May where exactly is it in the sky?

    At this stage this planet X should be visible all the time and should be bright,

    What is the location of it in the sky? and then we can check the facts as I have a powerful Telescope :)

    If its true we are screwed to late to do anything, might as well blow my cash in Veags :)

  41. Derek s says:

    well if and when this thing comes by we will know the truth. I believe that there is a large body in or around the solar system right now. who knows what will happen . I know hope has nothing to with it , so prey maybe.

  42. DMFolgerJr says:

    But still think about everything that’s all it takes open your minds it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be by the year 2036

  43. DMFolgerJr says:

    Simply mind blown the great conversations I have with my family about this gives me the chills we were recently talking about all of this and it matches up with all our thoughts . I also say with Planet X coming to me explains why aliens abduct and mate with humans in my mind that is how most humans survive and yes I 200% agree that the movie 2012 is a way to tell people look this is gonna happen be ready why such a surge on doomsday prepper type shows.

  44. Suz Mc says:

    Sources….you are giving us hearsay…no facts!

  45. Mehulasi says:

    I’d love to see the sources of all this information.

  46. Other planets do not cause climate change, sinkholes or natural disasters on Earth. Every planet in the solar system added up together equals less than 1% of the force the Moon puts on us each and every month. Imagine how much less Nibiru (if it were real) would put on Earth. The effects would be completely immeasurable! You live on an active planet with complex systems and patterns all of which are far more powerful than the effects of any solar system body. Earthquakes does not equal Nibiru.

  47. Not everyone was “called to understand”, therefore many havings eyes will not and do see; like in the days of Noah people don’t get it. But we are already seeing the climate changes and earth shakings and sinkholes popping up everywhere not to mention more and more frequent natural disasters. Keep informing us, your work has a reason for those intended get

  48. trev1978 says:

    scientific claims need EVIDENCE! otherwise people can claim almost anything to be true?! just like Jesus, for example

  49. WOAH WOAH. First of all, none of us know SHIT about what’s going on around our planet. We know what we’ve been told by astronomers who have the equipment to make those observations. So before you shoot someone else’s opinion down: according to CALCULATIONS of this theoretical planet by SCIENTISTS, it passes by Earth exactly every 3600 years. Did we go extinct 3600 years ago? No. Were there major MAJOR changes to the planet? Yes. Is the planet still here? Yes. So relax.

  50. Tobias Søe says:

    This is so stupid

  51. If the world’s elite chose to withhold this information from the public, so that everyone can live out their last few years in peace, what gives you the right to promote worldwide chaos? The only reason our planet has not descended into chaos is because most people stopped to think, unlike you. Still, I have to feel sorry for the people who don’t know any better, or just don’t have anything better to believe in.

  52. HumorousLOL says:

    We’re trolls because were watching a video about something that is 100% bullshit and we’re calling out the moron who posted it? I would suggest learning the meaning of big words before using them. In this case the word is troll.

  53. HumorousLOL says:

    Game, set, match. This is why I love fucking with conspiracy theorists. They thrive off the ignorant and uninformed, because the second they come across someone that’s not retarded, and you throw logic at them or ask them a real way to verify their bullshit claims, they back themselves into a corner they can’t get out of. Nice one haha

  54. ISTP9w8 says:

    Hollywood and book publisher logic: hey if we all gonna die anyway…might as well make a fortune off of it right?

  55. emacpmd says:

    More of your lies. Go to to this website,
    Take the quiz and see if Discovery channel has actually confirmed the existence of Planet X

  56. I feel like I just lost IQ points

  57. discovery channel have also confirmed planet x on tv. but its not the only one there is a comet big one heading towards earth. all that was in the program.

  58. Truthunter says:

    want the facts… go here

    want to know where to look for planet X in the sky..

    wait til sunset.. use a camera with filter.. take photos of the sun.
    look just next to sun.. your see Planet X

  59. Killer Be says:

    Give the guy a break people, and ask yourselves why has google earth/sky blocked out the region where Nibiru is coming from? Check it out for yourself Planet X’s coordinates are 5h 53 m 27s, -6h 10m 58s. I don’t know what is going on with this phenomenon anymore than what I can find on-line, but to completely dismiss the notion or possibility is a little on the ignorant side, not unlike the reaction that Noah received from the population when he warned them of a great flood to come.

  60. Jabari Baptiste says:

    Reading all these comments just makes me sad to how narrow minded and how brain washed the government has made you guys, nibiru right now is between the earth and the sub but still 30,000,000 or 30,000,000,000 miles from the sun, you can’t see it during high day time because the bright sun is blocking it, you can only see it at sunrise and sunset because that is when the sun is at it’s dimmest in the northern hemisphere it’s below the sun in the southern it’s above and even when you try to see it the it is hard because if the chem trails being released by Air Force jets and the government to cover up its existence

  61. Jabari Baptiste says:

    In te 1980’s when nibiru was discovered the discovery was in the news papers sayin that a heavenly body was discovered moving towards earth they then retracted that statement a couple days later, where they worrie about global panic, nope because the governments and the elites don’t care about regular people that was when the government was first contacted by extra terrestrials first by the unselfish ET’s telling them what was going to happen and how thy could prepare for it they ignored them and was then contacted by selfish ET’s and made a contract with them, the government gets technology while the selfish ET,s basically get to do what they want on earth

  62. Jabari Baptiste says:

    Nibiru isn’t going to destroy the earth or colored with it, but it still is going to cause major damage and “ends the world as WE KNOW it” this will happen when piles shift occurs as nibiru gets closer the the earth the rotation of the earth is slowing down and the moment that pole shift occurs is when nibiru breaks free from the gravitational tug of war that it was in with earth and that is what is called pole shift about 60% o the earth population will die at the moment of pole shift from tsunamis and earth quakes later about 10-20% will die of starvation and disease so about 70-80 percent of the worlds population will die, but it could be less, the council of worlds has told the earth leaders that tht must warn there citizens about nibiru some want to but the world elites say no because they want all those ppl to die because they want to start over with a new world order but the unselfish ET’s such as the pleiadians might intervene if we are not warned, after the pole shift cataclysm all the different races of unselfish ET’s will reveal them selves to help us

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