Nibiru – The end of the World apocalypse nostradamus mayan calendar


There have been many Prophets fortelling the arrival of Nibiru but could the infamous prophet Nostradamus be one of them ?

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Nibiru And Nostradamus  Prophecy On The End Of World


Nostradamus ‘ prediction about the end time has to do with the passing of the planet Nibiru. According to scientists, if the Nibiru comet planet made its return and pass the earth at a close range, a lot of natural calamities will occur. Actually there will be so many natural catastrophes the world will not be in order. Officials from different nations will come together to vote for the president of the one world government.

Not only Nostradamus, the Mayans also made the same prediction. The Mayans had already envisioned this event thousands of years gone. Ancient Sumerians named the comet planet as Nibiru. In the Egyptian astronomic record, it is known as the planet of a million years. The Babylonians named the planet as Marduk. Marduk is the god of the Babylonian god. Sumerian astronomers know that the earth revolves around the sun in a solar system. They believe the earth revolves round the sun with eleven other planets including pluto, neptune, uranus and and so on.

Sumerians believe that the comet planet Nibiru would travel clockwise around the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is found in between Jupiter and Mars. Nibiru is a kind of comet that only pass the earth every 10,500 years. It has got a similar appearance with the Halley’s Comet. It is claimed the planet Nibiru is many times bigger than the ordinary Halley’s Comet that often pass the earth every 72 – 76 years. In the bible, God expounded that His spirit will not contend with humankind for good. God said that the years of man will be 120. If 120 is divided against 432,000 years, you’ll get the answer 3600 years. The Sumerians believe that the planet Nibiru takes 3600 years to make a total cycle round the sun. One year on the Nibiru planet is 3600 years on earth. The bible asserts one day with Almighty God is the same as 1000 years.

NASA did report about the existence of planet X in 2004. Planet X is the tenth comet planet that NASA had reported. The comet planet is called Sedna by NASA. Its traits is very similar to the planet Nibiru. There is a chance that NASA didn’t announce it as planet Nibiru because it did not need to make the nations around the world to become alarmed. Nostradamus predictions predicted that there will be famines, quakes, floods and other natural tragedies when the planet Nibiru pass the earth again.

Nostradamus is a prophesier that use occult sorcery to get vision from devil. He obtained many revelations from devil about what is going to happen in the final analysis time. Nostradamus agree that the comet Nibiru will go by earth between. The passing of the comet planet is threatening because it can trigger worldwide destruction. Nostradamus use a black wizardry art that’s practiced by the Babylonians sorcerers. Based totally on the vision satan gave him, Nostradamus sees that Israel will be plagued with terrorists. After this, there will be a great world war which is many times more heavy than the second world war.

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