Nibiru Vs The Volcano … , Is Nibiru The Cause Of Recent Volcanic Activity ?


Is Planet Nibiru the cause of over 10 sleeping Volcanoes coming to life throughout the world and will it lead to devastation ?


Nibiru Valcano Activity Proof Nibiru Vs The Volcano ... , Is Nibiru The Cause Of Recent Volcanic Activity ?

Several researchers are worried and trying to figure out why 10 massive volcanoes along the ring of fire have suddenly come to life. Although it’s not rare for a few volcanoes to be active simultaneously, but ten at the same time is hugely uncommon and causing quite the concern.

Some Nibiru AKA Planet X trackers are reporting this could be proof of Nibiru’s proximity to our planet and also the gravitational effects it’s causing because of it’s pull on Earth. Major increases in volcanic activity are among the symptoms that several Nibiru researchers have been predicting would occur as planet Nibiru nears our solar planet.

Additionally they point to how mainstream media is all but silent on this phenomenon which could possibly be to help keep people from panicking and looking too closely at what might be the true reason for this extrordinary volcano activity.


Volcano Raises New Island of Japans Coast

Yet another extremely uncommon occurrence happening in addition to the recent elevated volcanic activity is that a volcano off the coast of Japan is actually producing a new island. The birth of a brand new island is very uncommon and hasn’t been observed in decades in these parts.


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  1. rudeboys28712 says:

    nice video, and the music is great, it fits the title of the video,
    everybody run, a natural disaster is on it way, and btw it is hear.

  2. EasternGateGuardian says:

    @MrSpidermonkey111 sry there, been a while since I had read them. Jupiter
    is refered to as nibiru, I had mistook it with Tiamat for a seconde…sry

  3. Julia76087 says:

    @carlosdavids777 , how many are active right now?

  4. Héctor Fernández de Lara says:

    muchas gracias or la información

  5. mattntrent says:

    Loose the music dude!!! LAME! I cant even watch it cuz of that shit!

  6. thecanadianvandal says:

    @theoriginalalteff4 Thank you! Run (I’m a Natural Disaster) – Gnarls Barkley

  7. josephjack7 says:

    Great clip…Thanks…

  8. Jesse Deveikis says:

    @opensala your not talking about that thing thats always by the moon are

  9. YTVideoJudge says:

    thanks for this nice video, but the music is annoying

  10. theoriginalalteff4 says:

    One of your best videos. So many beautiful pictures…. I would not have
    seen them without you. It all makes perfect sense. Thank you
    canadianvandal. Who is singing?

  11. EasternGateGuardian says:

    this nibiru thing is getting very lame guys…and why can’t we see it
    yet?…it was widely advertised to be easily visible by the mid2010…

  12. uarequeer says:

    @jamesmfbond lol considering ur living on the worlds biggest land mine ud
    think ud be a little more worried…?

  13. Daniel Gadd says:

    fact our journey & The Grand Deception .. watch this guy ,, with all my
    heart goerge !

  14. carlosdavids777 says:

    @Julia76087 16 Volcanos

  15. Prescott Haze says:

    wtf? MUTE!!!

  16. uarequeer says:

    hey man good vid… u should do one on the increased activity of the super
    volcanos one of them is under yellowstone national park and they are
    pushing themselves up out of the ground… its suprising that tyheres ones
    in the center of civilizations.

  17. EasternGateGuardian says:

    @MrSpidermonkey111 well most planets are visible only by the light of the
    sun reflected to us…have you ever actually read the real sumerian epics?
    Nibiru is liken to the liviathan and the Lothan.I did, the gods aren’t even
    ever called annunaki, they are the Annuna, ”sons of Anu”. Exactly like
    their Phoenician counter parts the Elohim, the ”sons of El”…called the
    Olympians by the Greeks. While these El-ites may be real, or have been,
    there is nothing in fact to back up the nibiru story.

  18. Joseph Copper says:

    I can see Nibiru from 3am on. Brightest object in the sky apart from the
    moon. Eastern sky. Stays visible a couple of hours after sunrise.

  19. yosyama tany says:

    i am talking about a bright light object which 4 times or larger than
    Vinus. which is so often next to the moon yes. Nibiru or that certain light
    object rises each morning at about 4;30am thats why people seldom see it.
    Keeping in the same position with the sun indicates we are aligned on about
    a straight path. i noticed there are many moderators working here and
    everywhere to dismiss doubt and keep this secret and they often mock me
    personally. this does not change the truth.

  20. EasternGateGuardian says:

    @StrategistBlain that is the morning and evening star…Venus aka Lucifer.

  21. yosyama tany says:

    its risng early mornings at 4:30am, i just came back inside. its three
    times the size of Venus. its steady on the same hour for a few months which
    sugests its coming our way and this is not Venus there are appointer
    comisars who shut you up if you publish this. why not go outside in the
    morning and look for yourself look east its shining very bright!

  22. Peter Abadiah says:

    Really cool channel.

  23. UnitedCorpOfAmerica says:

    Is there a time frame reference for the said volcanic

  24. carlosdavids777 says:

    ¿Not information about Colombian Volcanic Activity ? We have 38 Volcanos..

  25. 308SuperSonic says:

    Nice work..Peace

  26. 1rasacat says:

    Incroyable! I’m very grateful for your contribution to connecting our
    hearts to this event and giving us the possibility of appreciating it in
    more than a mindless way. Carmen! Tina! The Doors! I’m racing to finish a
    sequel to a book I did called Who We Are And Why We Might Want To Be
    Someone Else ( (who d’ya, who d’ya think you are) and I’d like
    to interview you for it as soon as possible. Bon voyant and thank you.

  27. MrSpidermonkey111 says:

    @EasternGateGuardian well all i have to say to that is, only time will
    tell. its very possible that there is another star in our solar system. its
    not just this crazy theory, its not like the evolution of man. so lets say
    its fifty fifty. i hope its not real, but i just dont know, neither do we
    all, we dont really know what is drifting out there in space. but the
    government does! :]

  28. rudeboys28712 says:

    @EasternGateGuardian watch?v=xG6-lgxoRtQ&feature=related

  29. Joehvy65 says:

    HAARP causing Volcanic activity Not Niburu look it up 4 yourselves Fact not

  30. uarequeer says:

    @opensala hey id really appreciate it if u reply to this message. ive also
    been attacted by these mindless drones and its farely easy to recognise
    them. also the reason for my first request is i think my comment and
    messages sent to people are getting deleted or just not sent… its rather
    annoying but it shows the effort they are willing to go through to get the
    affect they want. peace and good luck

  31. Lievcocijo says:

    never heard of most these locations, wheres the worldwide activity?

  32. bridaks says:

    What can i say very well done friend. Perfect frequency.. The
    music everything ! you are Great..Thank yeah……. No disrespect for those
    in need but damn we are living in exciting times. Time is moving fast you
    can feel it. News of change at a never before seen rate. Activity up and
    down left and One would be in his right to ask if we are not
    expanding…It is to say are we in the midst of Evolution? Expansion is
    Evolution is it not? :) Love and Peace………..

  33. drewkeener says:

    Volcanos have been active forever. Big deal.

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