Nibiru – Warning ! On May 20th Is Something Strange About To Happen ?


Nibiru – A Warning May 20th Could Signal The Arrival Of Planet Nibiru

Nibiru – Could May 20th Signal The Arrival Of Planet Nibiru ?

We as a culture are no strangers to doomsayers. In a more recent warning. You-tuber outrdemndarknes is warning all peoples. About the impending doom that will arrive with the date of May 20 and Planet Nibiru. Such warnings always bring out the skeptic in all of us. But could he be right ? Could there be evidence to support his date and warning ? According to outrdemndarknes. There have been a lot of strange occurrences surrounding the date of May 20. Including many solar and lunar events. Not to mention eclipses, Earthquakes, Flooding, War. But could these events somehow be interconnected ? Could Planet Nibiru be the cause of these events ?

Some Nibiru enthusiast are speculating that the Rapture mentioned by most modern day Preachers. Could take place on May 20 and that the arrival of Planet Nibiru may actually be the signal of the beginning of the tribulation. Even for non Biblical Scholars May 20 seems to point to some interaction with Planet Nibiru. Not to mention the web-bots used to predict future disaster and events. Seem to point to something taking place around may 20 as well. Could there be something about to take place and should be be preparing for this event ?

With all these warnings about Nibiru’s arrival. It hasn’t stopped the skeptics and the haters from raining in on the believers in Nibiru’s parade. According to outrdemndarknes. These haters are nothing more than cointellpro Hired by the Government or Illuminati. To hinder the revelation about Nibiru and to keep the public from realizing what is about to take place. Either for diabolical reasons. Or for the fact that such knowledge being released to the public would cause utter mayhem and rioting in the streets. Maybe even the complete breakdown of society world wide. Which is understandable.

Could Nibiru have been the reason why the former planet Tiamet was destroyed and is now the asteroid belt ? What we do know is that there has been a massive increase in the amount of noticeable Meteorites on earth. Not to mention the very well known case of the Asteroid impact in Chelyabinsk. Could these be the direct result of the massive Planet Nibiru passing through our Asteroid Belt ? And if so are these just the beginnings of massive changes about to take place ?

The You-tuber outrdemndarknes also goes on to show visual video proof of Nibiru. Along with a map of Nibiru’s expected trajectory. Although one might ask how could anyone know what path Nibiru will take ? It has never been seen by most scientist in our modern day. Could this be the truth? Or could it be the imagination of people with to much time on their hands ? One thing is certain. Something is definitely taking place world wide. And Governments world wide seem hell bent on covering it up. Under the guise of climate change.

The video also goes on to mention that the Planet Venus at some point was flipped upside down. And explains that Planet Nibiru may have caused this event. Could Planet Nibiru’s gravitational forces be the cause of the increase in solar flare activity ? Could Nibiru also be directly related to the bizarre planetary storms on Saturn and Jupiter ? If so Nibiru may cause a massive pole shift on planet earth its hard to imagine how humanity can prepare in any way for such an event.

Many changes on earth are happening as well. Nibiru may be the reason why there has been an increase in crop circle formation. Some Nibiru enthusiast proclaim that these crop circle formations. Are the attempts of an alien race to warm humanity of the impending doom. Is the wormwood spoken of in the bible actually Nibiru ?

So what will be happening on may 20 ? will it just be another ordinary day? Or will Humanity begin to see the end of this age and the beginning of a new era ? You be the judge share your thoughts and comments and below and tell us what you think.

!! Update !!

Although Nibiru did not arrive some very significant things did happen. The United States particularly the state of Oklahoma had some of the strongest tornadoes in recorded history. costing billions in destruction and loss of life.

Nibiru May 20th Nibiru   Warning ! On May 20th Is Something Strange About To Happen ?

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  1. ….cast out our solar system was destroyed including Earth see Jeremiah 4 23 -26. That is why Genesis says “in the beginning God created the heavens and thee Earth, now thee Earth BECAME formless and waste…” Earth was actually RE created. Angles once lived on Mars, Earth, Moon, Rahab and company. (its moons) All aliens are evil. (TERRESTRIAL angels) If they were cellestial, they would be in heaven, invisible in 5th dimension. U can burn and repell them with a weapon called orgoneblasters.

  2. NIBIRU EXPLAINED The truth is very simple about Nibiru and it’s it’s PAST that someone is BENT on keeping you from focusing on. Are u ready 4this? Our solar system was heaven once, Nibiru is mentioned over and over in the Bible as (planet RAHAB) being the planet Lucifer rose 2power on 2invent politics, money. See Psalm 89 9-11 Job 26 12-13 Isaiah 30 6-7 Isaiah 51 9-13. Rahab was “shattered” which explains our iron/nickel asteroid belt. A combo only exists into a planets core. When Rahab was…

  3. I thought the Mayan calendar ended in December 2012?

    • chefcale says:

      the entire 2012 hysteria was cooked up by the main stream media and the elite because they know NOTHING would happen on that date and everyone would go back to sleep……no serious Nibiru researcher EVER said 2012 would be the date ( remember I said serious) any others saying so were either stupid of shills…… go back to sleep nothing to see here……or is there you decide for yourself!

  4. texiceman says:

    But you can also say
    But, I like the first

  5. texiceman says:

    Al-see-on, that is how you say it…:-)

  6. gerbilkill says:

    as in any practice, people will allways disprove anything that makes them uncomfortable. pulling teeth is a procedure now!. lol

  7. Thank you Brother and God Bless you and your Family <3 

  8. Lol.. Hopefully it happens after then..

  9. xdrdosx says:

    my birthday is May 20th. lol

  10. Rafael says:

    Todos los acontecimientos dialecticos, astronomicos y psicologicos o sociales, ya estan incluidos desde hace milenios y hoy por hoy llegan a la cúspide, de los sucesos, incluyendo el aereolíto de Rusia,los sunamis los volcanes encendidos,terremotos etc.pero lo importate es que dia arribara a la tierra y ver con objetividad su curso. explicarlo segun criterio y albedrío con claridad y darlo a conocer..yo soy el que ve y todo poder sobre mi y el universo. incluyendo galaxias y demás pero no se si esta ves podre hacerlo como debiera. si se preguntan porque. ¿el cambio no llego ¡¡¡¡¡. o sea el predestinado no fue reconocido ni hubo ayudas ni organizaciones, todos se dieron por aludidos.El que reencarno simplemente para el mundo no existe ytodos le miraron pero se hicieron ojos de hormiga . perdiendo el destino sus riendas y su curso. au asi haré lo que debiera.

  11. Lulu says:

    May 18 UFO’s over Moore OK
    May 20 Tornado destroys Moore Ok

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